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The Dancing Toy Robot

Who said that a robot could not be able to do whatever dance move is happening right now? Well, that is a thing of the past for right now, you can get yourself one right in your very own home. Now that is something quite amazing, isn’t it? After all, a few years before, you may not even have heard of it being available to the public.

Amazement is the very first thing that people feel when they do see this toy robot. This is known as the Program-A-Bot and it has brought hours of fun and laughter among those who witness the tricks that it can do. Families and friends have surely bonded well with this toy because of how wonderful it can do things.

So what are the things that the Program-A-Bot can do for you? Well, see, the designers of this toy robot did not want it to be just like any other toy robot you can find in the market right now. In fact, it made it something different than the rest. For example, other robots in the market can do just one or two tricks. One robot can talk back to you with some phrases which have been programmed in it by its creators. There is another robot which can walk in various directions as long as it does not bump into anything in its direction. And then there are others which can act like a real baby. However, the Program-A-Bot can do tons of tricks.

The Program-A-Bot has been programmed with 36 different actions. These allow the robot to do the various things that it can. It can walk and go anywhere in a room when it has been turned on. And then it can also do turns when it is about to bump into an item or a person in that room that he is walking on. It can also dance if you want it to. It will dance to music that has been programmed in it so that it will not look like a fool doing a dance to some music that no other person can hear. And then it also can make sounds. This is the kind of robot that the Program-A-Bot is.

With sensors that have been installed in it, the Program-A-Bot can sense if it will be bumping into an object, a wall or a person. This is one of the toy robots that you should have.

Techno Music Information

Techno Music Information

Techno music came out of Detroit in the 1980’s, and carried the influences of popular electronic music of the 1970’s to the dancefloors. The music features regular, pouding beats coupled with distorted synthesized sequences.

The best known early techno producers are Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson, sometimes known as the Belleville Three. They made music for clubs that was a urban take on the music of German musicians like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream were making. While Techno made it to the clubs in Chicago and New York, it was a largely underground style throughout the eighties.

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What is Techno?

TB303 TB-303 TB 303Techno is pure electronic music, originally designed for dances, that combines the sound of classic German electronica with an american Urban feel. The music emphasizes the machine sound of electronic drum machines, especially the Roland TR-808, and often is based around repetitive riffs played on bass line sequencers like the Roland TB-303.

Though modern music composers and artists use a simple beat maker software tool in creating beats and techno music these days. Most people call it a rap beats maker, though it is realy capable of creating almost any genre in music. A techno beat maker is packed with all of the available functions and sound effects to mix with your techno beats and techno loops. What’s more amazing with a techno beat maker is that after you have composed your own techno beats or techno loops, you can easily export the music into high quality wav audio or even mp3s.

A Techno can be defined as a pure electronic music. And techno beats and music were originally designed as a dance music that combines the sound of classic German electronica with an American urban feel. One of the best known early techno songs is “Alleys of your Mind”, by techno artists Cybotron. They were very influential because they were played in major clubs in the USA. In 1988, a compilation called Techno! The New Dance Sound helped define the style.

Techno has been associated with raves since the nineties. The idea of a rave is just a techno party where like-minded techno fans can get together and dance to continuous dj mixes of electronic music. These have been particularly popular in Europe. In 2000, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival became one of the largest and most significant electronica events in the world. It was free and attracted hundreds of thousands of techno music fance from all over the world.

Are you a fan and lover of techno music? Have you ever thought of making your own techno beats and techno music? Thanks to technology you won’t need to buy any of those huge and heavy music studio equipment that would cost you thousands of dollars just to set up! Techno music artists and producers today use a techno beat maker software that would help you create your own techno music in minutes.

Want To Do An MBA In Information Technology?

Information technology (IT) industry has seen an exponential growth in the recent times. It is a fact that no organization can work without a good IT support. Whether the business organization is big or small, it requires a trained staff, to manage various computer related work in an efficient manner. Information technology (IT) offers a number of career opportunities for trained professionals. Trained professionals can join any of the departments in the IT field, be it computer software, designing, IT support, or hardware. After doing a course at graduation or post-graduation level, individuals can work as computer programmers, database specialists, computer system analysts, statisticians and computer software engineers. For all those who want to handle management jobs in information technology field, doing an MBA would be a great option. Nowadays, there are institutes that offer MBA courses in information technology. These courses are especially designed to train individuals in various skills required to design, plan, administer and implement information technologies.

There are MBA colleges in Delhi and NCR that offer range of courses in business management.  For all students who have done their graduation in information technology and want to hold manager positions in business organizations, an MBA in information technology would be the best option. The course is designed in such a way that it integrates business management subjects along with information systems. This gives students a chance to use their technical knowledge and integrate it business management.  The duration of these management programs varies from one to two year, and nowadays students also have an option to do the course online. Since it is mba in IT, the course has subjects related to business as well as technology. If we talk about the technology related subjects, it basically includes information security, software development, tele-communications and controlling technological changes. Business subjects in the program help students learn skills related to accounts and finance. Individuals are also taught important management and leadership skills that are required to work efficiently in a business organization. Some of the business related topics covered in the course include corporate financial strategy, analytical decision making, leadership development and economics.

Uses of Nuclear Chemistry

Introduction to uses of nuclear chemistry

Nuclear chemistry has evolved over the decades and has grown into a major branch of science. Nuclear chemistry essentially is the study of the physical and chemical properties of elements that are influenced by changes in the structure of atomic nuclei. Nuclear chemistry is also referred to  radiochemistry and has interdisciplinary applications.

uses of nuclear chemistry

Uses of Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear power is used to generate electricity. The discovery of nuclear fission led to the development of nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear chemistry suggested the chemical separation techniques for isolation of radioactive isotopes from the fission products wastes for industrial and medical uses
Whether it is to determine the age of the universe or to define food chains in the oceans, astrophysicists, marine biologists, forensic scientists use the principles of radiometric dating to study diverse problems.

Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), a newly developed analytical technique has made it possible for the nuclear chemists to apply the radiometric dating principles to the isotopes that are nonradioactive. This helps in studying new and ancient processes that were affected by isotopic fractionation.

Nuclear medicine is rapidly expanding. Short-lived radioactive isotopes are used to diagnose illnesses and to treat specific diseases.

Nuclear chemists are synthesizing drugs from radionuclides that are produced in nuclear reactors or accelerators. These drugs are injected into the patient to locate specific organs or cancerous tumors.  Radiopharmaceuticals are used to generate images of the tumors and the affected organ and to form a medical diagnosis of the problems. The tumors and the parts of the affected organs that are  missed by the x rays can be easily  detected with this technique. Radioactive compounds are administered in controlled doses to destroy tumors.

NMR nuclear magnetic resonance imaging uses the net spin of nuclei for imaging. This is used for diagnostic purposes in medicine. NMR provides detailed images of the inside of a human body without inflicting any radiation upon them.

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Conclusion to Uses of Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is the study of properties of elements that are influenced by changes in the nuclei. Nuclear chemistry has several uses ranging from the study of element formation in the universe to the designing of radioactive drugs for diagnostic medicine. This field of chemistry  has lots more to offer in the days to come.

Symbols of these rays

1. Alpha rays

Represented as α. These are positively charged rays. Since the alpha rays have a mass of 4 amu and charge _2, they are actually helium nuclei. So, they are also represented as

42He or 42 α

2. Beta Rays

Negatively charged rays. They are represented as: β. Since they have a mass similar to electron, they are also represented as e-. They have a unit negative charge.

0-1e or 0-1 β

The Robot That Is A Pet

In its traditional meaning, a pet is an animal that you keep to care for and feed. It is also your responsibility to fulfill its needs like affection because you are its master. And in return, your pets are the ones responsible for giving you a happier home by their mere happy presence.

Unknowingly, they also are there to help relieve you of stress and helping you relate to others by its interaction. Pets may not be something you can buy over the counter but they are indeed very helpful in relieving stress. In fact, they have been approved by the medical community to be such and such as a scientific basis already. Walking your pet, especially your dogs, is a form of exercise and it helps you get your needed fresh air. Social interaction is also improved because pet lovers love to shares ideas and tips with each other on how to be better masters.

Pets have special characteristic that make humans drawn to them. Their playful attitude, loyalty and sometimes their attractive appearance is enough to charm people’s hearts. According to a study done, the most kept pet there is are birds rather than dogs which is what you may be thinking right now. The lovable dogs just come next. Fishes are also some of the well-loved pets.

Having a pet around is truly beneficial. However, it also has its share of disadvantages. Pets can cause allergies or it can aggravate allergic conditions of its master and that is usually caused by their feathers and furs. Parasites like lice and other diseases can also be brought about by pets which have medical problems. Having pets can also mean having a big cut from your finances because of the food you give to them and the regular visits to the veterinary.

With these disadvantages, a very adorable pet robot is making waves in the market nowadays. Popularly known as Gupi, this robot is designed so you will feel that you actually have a pet in your homes – a robot pet, that is. Gupi reacts, responds and even has 30 different sounds that they use to converse with you. This pet’s intelligence is because of the built-in sensors found in its eyes and legs. These sensors are also responsible for this wonderful feat – this pet robot can wander inside your home, avoid crashing with anything, does not fall off tables and even manages to get out of a maze.

Toy robots are indeed adorable. Gupi guinea pig has a soft furry cover and has the ability to recognize other Gupis and even gets hungry too! But the good thing with this pet is he can eat on his own and find his carrot-shaped charger when he gets “hungry”. Gupi has a rechargeable battery and the carrot-charger runs with three LR44 batteries.

The Age of the Electronic Keyboard

In the world of music the latest entry has been the electronic keyboard. There are global manufacturers of connected software. Electronic technology has been incorporated in synthesizers, portable keyboards, digital pianos, home organs, sound modules, sequencers, drum machines and the like. There are keyboard controllers for classical and theatre organs as well as keyboard communications systems.

Whether in the classroom or home it is fun and easy to churn out music with the help of electronic keyboards. The electronic keyboard can be any one of many things – organ, piano, synthesizer or sampler. Most the electronic keyboards can be linked to the computer for experiencing the feel of real multimedia.

The digital piano combines in it the sound of acoustic piano with the fine control and expediency of an electronic device. This is done by playing reverse digital recordings or samples letting out different sounds as the player presses various notes. Like the ordinary piano this electronic model responds to the touch of the musician increasing or decreasing in volume. There is also a sustain pedal.

Some electronic keyboards are weighted so that player gets the same feel as that of an acoustic piano. The bonus point is that digital pianos are incredibly cheaper when compared to their senior cousins. These occupy less space and is minus the botheration of tuning. By using headphones it is possible to practice late at night without bothering the family and neighbours. Some sophisticated models include disk drives that allow for orchestral accompaniments and even recordings.

Electronic keyboards in organs imitate the sounds of the conventional pipe, reed and tone-wheel organs. Here again the size is fraction that of the senior organ and the price is modest – to say the least.

Electronic keyboards reach their crescendo of success in synthesizers and samplers. There are many types of synthesizers – facilities for playing back, recordings and creating exotic sounds with fine sensitive controls. There are voluminous libraries of pre-programmed sounds for the asking. Most of the synthesizers and samplers are termed multiimbral. This means playing back of many sounds simultaneously.

Another name to be acquainted with in the modern age of electronic music is MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a kind of standard language in the music world that allows electronic keyboards to be inter-connected and also to be linked to the computer. Music softwares are a must for students of harmony and composition.

Portable electronic keyboards are compact, light and easy to carry. Possessing one is real cool fun. The speakers are built in and thus no external ones are required. These are chameleons of the music world and can change its character bringing out sounds of a dozen instruments at the wish of the player – piano, organ and even drums.

The market of electronic keyboards is growing very fast. Manufacturers have responded with a mixture of keyboard products. The primary has been promotion of electronic keyboard through publication and advertising enabling the public to know about it. A target has been set for introducing this new contrivance amongst music educators of music technology in major universities across US. Setting up websites for this purpose of enlightening people about electronic keyboards has also been a major step forward.

An important part of music education is music technology as can be seen the world over in television and film productions as well as the Internet. The learning and application of electronic keyboards has become relatively easy and the impact is more powerful than before. In the age of electronics changes on the musical front too are happening overnight. Thus updating is an important part of publications.

The genesis of south asian nuclear deterrence

The nuclear programme of Pakistan, the only country created in the name of Islam, has been a cause of concern for the rest of the world. These concerns are exacerbated by rampant terrorism of its mushrooming Jihadi organizations; the prevalence of extremist views even within its army, the guardian of the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan and its tainted history of proliferation by alleged dealings with countries like Libya, Iran and North Korea.

Brigadier (Retired) Naeem Salik, a career officer of Pakistan army, served as Director Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs at the Strategic Planning Division (SPD), the Secretariat of Pakistan’s National Command Authority. He was one of the founding members of Pakistan’s Nuclear Command and Control Structure and one of the formulators of its nuclear policy. In this book, he gives us the Pakistani perspective on its need for nuclear arms and its vision for future in the nuclear field.

He starts by giving the background on how Pakistan started on the nuclear path. Like all other accounts on the subject, we see the rivalry between Pakistan and India playing a dominant role in Pakistan’s security calculations. So, when India went nuclear in 1974, Pakistan was left with little option but to develop its own nuclear capability.  A brief history of the nuclear programmes of both the countries is given in the following two chapters. The tacit approval by the US government of the Pakistani nuclear programme during the Afghan war years is a point to be noted here.

Non-proliferation regimes including Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT and Fissile Material Cut Off Treaty (FMCT) form the subject of next chapter. India, Pakistan and Israel have not signed NPT, CTBT or FMCT. While India points to the inherent discrimination between the haves and the haves-not implicit in NPT, which allows the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to retain nuclear weapons, Pakistan refuses to sign NPT citing the exclusion of India from it. Israel, on the other hand, has not declared its nuclear status yet.

This is followed by a brief discussion of the nascent delivery systems of the two countries which are aimed at each other. India’s ambitious programme of five missile systems, the confusing designation of Pakistani missiles, Pakistan-China collaboration in missile technology are all part of this chapter.

The concerns of the world community regarding nuclear safety and proliferation are addressed in the next four chapters. The nuclear doctrines of the two countries and their respective command structures are elaborated. Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) between India and Pakistan and measures to stick to a restraint regime to avoid a nuclear race are explained in detail. The intriguing episode of proliferation by the Pakistani scientist, Dr. A.Q.Khan is devoted a separate chapter.

The book is an interesting account of Pakistani perspective on the South Asian nuclear issue. However, it seems to downplay the perceived threat from increasing extremism within Pakistan’s defence establishment and its implications regarding the safety of its nuclear arsenal.

The role of information technology in small and medium sized business

  1. A.    Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) have been long recognized as an instrument of economic growth and development. This growing recognition has led to the commitment of World Bank group on SMEs sector as core element in its strategy to foster economic growth, employment and poverty alleviation. the importance of small and medium scale enterprises has not been in doubt, unfortunately classifying businesses into large and medium scale is subjective  and premised on different value judgment. Such classification has followed different criteria such as employment, sales or investment for defining small and medium scale enterprises.

B. Information Technology Challenges in Developing Countries

Kropp, Fredric and Zolin, Roxanne (2008) found that in most African countries, small and medium enterprise (SMEs) account for a significant share of production and employment and is therefore directly connected to poverty alleviation. Especially in developing countries SMEs are challenged by the globalization of production and the shift in the importance of various determinants of competiveness. ICTs can improve efficiency and increase productivity by different ways including, improving efficiency in resource allocation, reducing transaction costs, and technical improvement, leading to the outward shifting of the production function.

C. Information Technology (IT) diffusion in SMEs in Developing Countries:

There are very few studies about IT adoption in developing countries,(Cosh, A.D. and Hughes, A. 2000; Yeh et al, 2007; Lal 2007; Popoola 2010) investigating adoption of IT in Nigerian SMEs found that, one of the major factors inhibiting IT diffusion and intensive utilization is poor physical infrastructure. In developing countries some of the IT adoption challenges include legal  and regulatory issues, weak IT strategies, lack of R& D, excessive reliance on foreign technology and ongoing weaknesses in IT implementation.

D.Barriers to Information Technology (IT) Adoption by SMEs:

Large organizations have enough resources to adopt IT while on the other hand SMEs have limited financial and human resources to adopt IT. (Brynjolfsson, E And Hitt, L.M. 2000) identified lack of IT skills and knowledge in SMEs as one of the major challenges faced by all European countries, particularly in the UK, Poland and Portugal, in their study. Brynjolfsson, EandHitt, L.M. 2000) have reported a slow response of SMEs relating to adoption of IT. (Shiels etal 2003) found that characteristics of the firm and industry sector are contributory factors to the adoption and exploitation of ITs by SMEs. (Ovia, 2000) have categorized internal and external barriers that impede adoption of IT by SMEs in a developing country. The internal barriers include owner manager characteristics, firm characteristics, cost and return on investment, and external barriers include: infrastructure, social, cultural, political, legal and regulatory.

E.Measurement of Information Technology (IT) Effect on Performance:

Researchers using field studies examining the link between business organization, information technology and changes in organization structure agreed on the potentials of IT but have come to diverse and contradictory conclusions on its measurement, (see Robinson, 1999) for a review. Some recent studies of relationship between investment in IT and organizational performance and productivity (Kozak, 2005;A bassi, 2007) have reported positive and significant effects of such investments. Some researchers question these results on the grounds that the studies involved examination of primarily cross sectional data.

Conclusion and Future Directions

IT has critically become an indispensable tool for the daily operations of organizations. SMEs now invest significant amounts of financial resources in IT to strengthen their competitive positions [3]. Due to the large-scale application of IT among SMEs, they have been exposed to several associated risks within the adoption and development of IT solutions [63]. Prior literature on IT adoption in SMEs shows that approximately most failures and most dissatisfaction resulted in one or more of the following reasons :

 inappropriate connection between adopted IT and enterprise strategies,

 Inadequate realization of organizational issues,

 Inadequate realization of end user necessities,

 Lack of manager and employee involvement in different stages of IT adoption,

 Lack of required resources (knowledge, skills, finance, management),

 Inadequate teaching and preparation of end users,

 Business size and fund limitations to employ IT specialists,

 Unqualified management in highly centralized CEO structures,

 Inappropriate government assistance role and supportive regulation,

A number of prior studies have attempted to gain a clear understanding of numerous pitfalls and challenges associated with IT adoption awaiting SMEs, as well as evaluate those factors affecting the successful deployment of IT. The authors categorized influencing factors into two main groups: internal and external. Internal factors include top management, a firm’s resources, end users and organizational characteristics. External factors comprise characteristics of IT products, external and competitive pressure, external IT consultants and vendors, and government. The authors believe that the categorization of IT adoption issues and SME-related factors through a developed, integrated framework and suggested model of effective IT adoption process can help organizations, managers and IT consultants to achieve clearer understanding of IT adoption influencing factors, and also add further knowledge to the literature. Although the authors inclusively discussed various distinguished influencing factors affecting IT adoption decisions, acceptance, satisfaction and usage, the authors did not categorize the reviewed influencing factors in terms of different adoption concepts. This issue can be addressed by future research. This paper might not cover all aspects of the IT adoption process in the literature. Likewise, due to the unique characteristics of each organization and its specific conditions of technological innovation diffusion, it is not claimed that this framework is applicable for all firms or is able to deal with all of their issues. For this reason, these findings require empirical testing to determine their relevance and conformity in the practical setting. In addition, a more

comprehensive study of IT adoption within SMEs for investigating SME-related influencing factors simultaneously with other aspects (drivers, enablers and inhibitors) of IT adoption seems to be necessary.

Strengths and Negatives to Nuclear Electrical power

Everybody is familiar with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America dropped atomic bombs on these Japanese cities. They demonstrated the facility and destructive capability from the atom. On the other hand, nuclear technologies is just not constrained to utilize in war. It truly is a significant foundation of strength. Nuclear strength is created by harnessing the facility with the atom. The Sun along with other stars are sustained by nuclear reactions. Manmade nuclear energy is made in nuclear reactors. Nuclear fission is accustomed to yield nuclear energy. Scientists are presently functioning on approaches of employing nuclear fusion to generate nuclear strength.

A place like France meets 78% of its energy by means of nuclear reactors whereas a nation like India gets only a few% of its energy through nuclear reactors. Presently nuclear ability meets 15% of the world??Ts strength desires and you will discover in excess of 400 nuclear reactors inside earth. An helpful fact is that the US hasn’t constructed any nuclear reactors due to the fact 1978. Right here we take a look at the pros and cons of nuclear ability.

Strengths of Nuclear Energy

A sole nuclear reactor can develop a substantial amount of strength. A nuclear reactor produces considerably more power for every unit excess weight of nuclear fuel than conventional vitality resources like coal and oil. The production of nuclear electrical power does not generate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and hence would not contribute to global warming.

The working expenses of a nuclear reactor are reasonably low. It decreases dependence on pollution-creating fossil fuels. It final results inside a nation’s lowered dependence about the costly international fuel.

Drawbacks of Nuclear Strength

The know-how utilised for generating nuclear strength can also be employed for generating nuclear weapons. The place of North Korea is often a classic instance of the following. The technologies nevertheless would not exist to work with nuclear power in reasonably scaled-down equipment like automobiles.

The spend items that are produced soon after technology of nuclear ability and very last for thousands of many years, The following is really a substantial polluting element and there may be the problem of safely disposing it. Accidents in nuclear reactors are considerably more devastating than the traditional vitality crops. An instance of this url will be the 1986 Chernobyl event. The h2o from the nuclear plant overheated and subsequently pressure designed in one with the pipes, out of which 1 exploded. The crash was brought on by very low top quality security infrastructure.

Nuclear reactors are specifically vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The engineering price tag of a nuclear reactor is large. It normally requires a drastically very long time to construct nuclear plants. At existing, the reserves of uranium, a crucial nuclear fuel, are constrained inside the entire world. Nuclear plant workers can be exposed to higher ranges of radiation, which may result in cancer and other ailments.

Building countries like India and China are probably to make use of low cost and polluting substances like coal for their long term electricity wants. It will absolutely aggravate the issue of international warming. International locations abundant in nuclear fuel ought to offer them with it and nations around the world possessing sophisticated nuclear technological innovation ought to give it to them. I hope nuclear energy turns into a risk-free and useful electricity source inside future. Allow international locations make investments funds and time to strengthen upon the following technology.

Schoenberg, Rap Music’c Early Grandfather

Rap music has been around longer than we thought. In the arts everything is recycled (many times stolen and recycled). We have had bell bottoms make a return in fashion, the bringing back of muscle cars on the road, big haired metal bands making come backs in concert and Neo-soul music which is…new soul music. Of course many are aware that the Hip hop culture and its music started in the boogie down Bronx in the 70’s but the style or monotonous melody delivery may have been grand fathered even further back. The likes of social movement groups such as the Last Poets who released a Billboard Charting album in the 1970’s, rhythmic vocals precedes the combining of lyrics over DJ breaks by delivering a lyrical flow of poetry to the beat of ethnic drums and instrumentation. The style which resembles closely the current Def Jam Poetry series or other earlier African American poets is not far off the beat of rap. You can link traces of both to the African Griots oral tradition.

Years ago rap music was considered a fad to vanish like the cabbage patch kids. The genre of rap music has thoroughly spread throughout the entire world and not only reaches, but affects and relates to every culture. Many cultures histories are connected and deeply rooted in some influence of music, and the gap may be bridged closer. Before attending the University of Southern California, I grew up in Long Island, NY. I was a product of the renaissance age of rap music. I grew up along side many earlier influential names of hip hop icons such as Rakim, Groove B Chill and Sweety G. Rakim himself was fond of jazz music and played Baritone sax along side me in marching and jazz band. My own interest and love for music ironically (’cause that’s a whole ‘nother saga explained in the future) lead me to study music at U.S.C. as an undergrad taking a few classes in jazz and classical music history. I once had a debate with a professor and chairman of the Jazz studies program, who refuses to believe and admit that rap is music. On the other side in classical history, I had just learned that Arnold Schoenberg’s Sprechstimme is similar to a monotonous chant rap style flow in which there was no present melody just like that of rap. This style of music dates back to the early 1900’s and is thoroughly supported to be music so much it was kept record of, appreciated, analyzed and taught throughout out the years as part of the expressionist movement in German poetry and art.

Music is studied and broken down. Many composers and musicians learn to write scores of music by dissecting, studying and analyzing music of other composers and musicians. Music theory is derived from the analysis of common practices of that music’s time and genre. Typical elements that are analyzed in music is it’s form, such as intros and cadences, harmonies, rhythm patterns, tempo changes tonality or atonality and melody which are all present in rapping. My highly educated world renowned professor tells the class that Rap is not music because it does not contain a melody. Rap is certainly not musically dissonant as the likes of Pierre Schaeffer’s Mosque Concrète, whose genius attempt at innovated music technology was difficult to notate on paper like traditional classical music, but it may resemble more the expressionistic era as that of music theorist Arnold Schoenberg. Schoenberg’s Sprechstimme was singing in a restricted way to maintain a constant pitch unlike the ups and downs melodic contour most melodies would have when they are played or sung. An example of this would be in Schoenberg’s Gurre-Lieder or later works by Pierrot Lunaire. Rap can be notated the same as Schoenberg did for Sprechstimme. However, rap actually has inflection in its speech delivery. This is relative to some exotic scales in which a micro tonality exist like Burmese or Indonesian music. Today’s rappers like 50 cent and Ja Rule have distinctive melodic flow. Groups like Bone Thugs and Harmony are actually harmonizing in their rap flow. Rappers like Nelly are practically borderline singing or sprechgesang-ing. Not to mention, the entire above named have been Grammy nominated. It is always said “to know where you are going, you must know where you are from.” Rap is today’s urban music. Its techniques are deeply rooted for over 100 years in American music.

 History serves as a blueprint that has been forged for us to learn from. Does this mean that Germany is the birthplace of rap music? Not quite, though Schoenberg is Austrian he is a well known early American composer, but it puts an end to the debate for historians or ignorant professors on whether the fad of rap is indeed at all music. In a world in which music is a huge part of every one’s life, many cultures have been influenced by and incorporate rap into their own native language and music. Billions of profitable dollars have been earned from rap, it is not only grandfathered in as a style of music to last, but worthy of and honorary degree in which the success of hip hop can now afford to buy.

The Japan Earthquake and the Ethics of Nuclear Energy

For the past decade, the world has experienced a nuclear energy renaissance fueled by society’s desire for alternative sources of clean power.  However, due to the recent nuclear calamities following the Japan earthquake and tsunami, this resurgence may be over. The disaster has reopened a debate that has spanned generations regarding whether the use of nuclear technology for our energy needs is sensible.  Some supporters and opponents even view the issue as a moral one. Proponents argue that refusing to employ nuclear technology in an energy-starved world is unethical. Others believe that the use of nuclear energy, with its potential for catastrophic accidents and radioactive by-products is wrong. This discussion raises key questions: is the use of nuclear energy a moral issue, and, if so, how do we tell if its use is ethical or unethical?

Philosophers generally identify moral issues with decisions or actions that involve possible benefit or harm to oneself and others. The outcomes of such decisions are right/good or wrong/bad. The issue of nuclear energy use meets this requirement. Those on both sides of the nuclear technology issue would likely agree that use of this form of energy does involve potential benefit or harm. However, they disagree about which outcome is accurate.

If deciding to use or eschew nuclear energy is a moral decision, how does one determine whether either decision is right or wrong? This depends on what a person believes is the basis for morality, which is referred to as a moral theory. There is no universal moral theory, and therefore, many different ways to judge the morality of a particular action. However, most of those engaged in the debate regarding the ethics of nuclear energy speak of the consequences of its use. This implies a consequentialist viewpoint.

Watch: Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake

Consequentialism refers to moral theories that are based upon the view that the morality of actions is based on their outcomes or consequences. For example, one of the most well-known consequentialist moral theories, utilitarianism, is that view that an action is morally obligatory if it maximizes well-being. If one applies a consequentialist perspective to the issue of nuclear energy use, the key question is: does society’s use of nuclear power as an energy source maximize well-being, or is there another source, or combination of sources, of energy that accomplish this? The answer is subject to great debate.

Proponents of nuclear energy state that the nuclear accidents in Japan should not dissuade us from using this significant source of energy. They emphasize that nuclear technology has progressed significantly since the days of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl and is generally very safe. They also highlight that the boiling water reactors in operation at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan are dated models installed in the 1970s that were the subject of safety concerns decades ago.

While there have been casualties due to nuclear accidents, compared to pollution-related deaths and deaths related to procuring other sources of energy, they are certainly fewer. Nuclear accidents are somewhat akin to airplane crashes. They both garner significant media attention while smaller, everyday disasters such as oil rig and traffic deaths go virtually unnoticed.

The problem with nuclear energy is that its characterization as a clean source of power is misstated. Even ignoring the accident risks due to mishaps such as the Japan earthquake or potential terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities, reactors have significant environmental impact. While nuclear energy results in relatively low greenhouse gas emissions, even including indirect sources, it does produce nuclear waste. The OECD estimates that a typical 1,000 megawatt nuclear power stations produces about 300 cubic meters of low and intermediate-level waste and 30 tonnes of high level, solid, packed waste per year. This waste remains radioactive for approximately 200,000 years. The best current solution for its disposal is to bury it deep underground. It is difficult to see how an energy source that produces so much highly toxic waste maximizes well-being particularly when compared to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. Though, in terms of practicality, such renewable resources cannot meet the entire world’s growing energy demands. Without more technological innovation in the energy sector, we must rely on some power sources that cause environmental harm, or vastly reduce global reliance on energy, which is not realistic.

What emerges from a consequentialist analysis of the nuclear energy issue is the idea that scientific assessment of the consequences of society’s actions determines what ethical conduct is. This is a fairly recent and controversial claim that Sam Harris champions in his 2010 book “The Moral Landscape”. He argues that the scientific method can be used as a yardstick for measuring value and morality.

I would expand this view to make an even more controversial claim: science, and particularly technological advances, can change morality.  For example, one can argue that using nuclear power as an energy source is unethical due to the radioactive waste it produces. However, if technology changes and we are able to dispose of this waste without any potential adverse consequences to the environment, the morality of the technology can change. Perhaps there is a moral truth about energy sources that society has not yet discovered. Perhaps there is a completely clean energy source that we have not yet discovered. However, from a practical standpoint, if we are unaware of this potential source, it is irrelevant to our current moral decisions. Our current decisions must be based on the facts before us. These facts come from our observations in applying the scientific method. In an applied ethics environment, science has something to say about morality.

The Stun Gun: A Self Defense Weapon to Finished Harassment

There are present lots of safety weapons which have the capability to secure us from attack without executing the deadly force as users can simply get these products from online & the showrooms at affordable prices. Every type of colors, sizes & styles available for everyone, just choose the right one according to your requirements. These devices can be simply keep in your bags, pocket of coat & even the briefcase as only one aim of Ladies Safety Device in Delhi is to afford protection to every person at any time of night and day. The best example of this product is a stun gun which is able to give electric shocks to an attacker or offender whom tries to trouble you that passes throughout contact point at the end of this gadget. This gun provides a bad impact on the body of the attacker as he is paralyzed or loses the control of their muscles for half an hour & that’s time enough for anyone to escape from that area.

You should have to take the best weapon for you because personal safety is most important then money & as a responsible person you have right to pick one for you or you also take for your mother, sister, wife or friend. The stun gun will have 2 million volts of power & the most likely feature of it that this is doesn’t require batteries as it is simply rechargeable. Fight back only with Stun Gun in Delhi because this is legal, but remember one thing always use this gadget with full care as sometimes it causes internal injury and death. According to research, these stun guns are really good as I should recommend to every human being to protect themselves from attackers throughout these amazing safety devices. However, you purchase this gun, firstly you have to make sure & check that this gadget is carried under the state law or not?

The user has choose their kind of stun gun because there are a vast range available of this safety product such as ultra compact stun gun, Taiwan police stun gun, lipstick stun gun (specially for girls & women), cell phone stun gun, expandable style stun gun, stun baton gun, police stun baton with torch, self defense stun gun & aggressive dog deterrent. These stun guns are user friendly which means easily operated & carried out anytime and anywhere without facing any hassle. Always focus on that where you can get this device? So, always choose authorized dealers and suppliers like Blue Eye team, which are regularly dealing with over 1000 spy products along with these Girl Safety Stun Gun in India for their customers from across the world. Users can buy this safety device from the online and offline spy shops from this company at very cheap prices.

Commercialization of Music

The commercialization of music has been changing since the days of the records of the 60’s to today’s digital era, the way commercial music has been sold has seen a spectacular change of guard.

Record labels, distributors, and music retailers have all understood the changing mindset of the population and have adapted to the ever changing needs. The impact of digital technology in all sectors of the music world has been immense and the commercialization of music is evolving rapidly even now.

The commercial music industry in the highest order consists of professional bands and singers contracted to record labels, which are the organizations that finance the recording in return to the rights of the recording, however the rights may be fully owned or partial. These companies manage the issues of brands and trademark which sometimes come under their own umbrella of labels. The big wigs of the label industry generally have a host of sub-labels that release music as well.

Watch: The Stars of Capital Music Group Descend On Hollywood

This is where independent musicians are different as they are not associated with any major record labels and indie musicians have their own way of going about their music business.

Coming back to the commercialization of music, the record labels work along with record distributors to promote and distribute their records in markets across the globe. When music is sold in the form of CD’s in stores or on websites, the performers retain a specific share of the money called royalties for certain period before the tracks are added to the library. Certain albums are labeled as classics and the band members continue to earn royalty even decades after the albums are released.

Lyrics of any album is released by a music publisher in print form to garner extra revenue. The media houses offering plump and lucrative advertisement campaigns to top music artists have become common these days. However, artists these days rely on live performances and merchandise selling to generate revenue. All this is different in the case of independent music.

The independent music industry has come of age in the recent past mainly due to the internet and digital distribution, thanks to initiatives such as Tupelo Super Store who allow indie musicians to post their music and make it available to audiences worldwide and also provide intuitive marketing solutions to promote independent music.

The fact that, independent music holds a special place in the music business today is because of the passion and quality of music on offer from indie musicians and music is given higher preference over monetary returns. At the end of the day, how much ever the commercialization of music evolves, it is quality music that drives the audience than any other thing.

Sample of Thesis Problem in Information Technology

Information Technology Thesis is one of the toughest parts of your educational passage, if you are studying Information Technology, naturally. A number of students practice reasonable nervousness when facing the need to write an Information Technology Thesis that will sum up several years of their concentrated studies.

Here are some useful tips on Information Technology Thesis writing:
•    Decide on your dissertation topic.
•    You may choose the topic for your Information Technology Thesis, if it is already assigned.
•    Gather data.
•    If you have not been given a topic, then the entire world lies before you. This, in fact, resources that you are open to decide a topic for your Information Technology Thesis that is of attention to you. This will create your job a well-built and effectual one.
•    Think subjects of importance. Once you have determined the purpose and type of your Information Technology Thesis, write down some points and ideas that interest you. Perform a number of searches and investigations. Some websites can be helpful, but do not evade libraries. They comprise a great compilation of significant and attractive books that will absolutely help you in Information Technology Thesis writing.

•    Create a hypothesis; that is a statement that should be proved throughout your Information Technology Thesis. Examine your theory and believe over the methodologies that may be helpful to study it. Try to relate some methodologies, such as examination, observations, surveys, etc.
•    Try to develop an outline for your Information Technology Thesis..
•    Put the consequences of your study into phrases. This will be a summary of your Information Technology Thesis.
•    Maps, tables, graphs, diagrams, or descriptive statistic will be a great support for your Information Technology Thesis.
•    Review thoroughly the results achieved.
Now that you carried out a research and analyzed the information, you can move on to writing your Information Technology Thesis: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

Five reasons why to study at Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

The Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology headquartered in Pune is one of the leading institutions in the country when it comes to learning the program of MBA in Information Technology Business Management. The world of information technology as we know it goes beyond just understanding computers and machines. There was a time when a mere Bachelor’s degree was enough. This was because, the need was for professionals who can deliver to the need of the situation. But, with the evolution of technology, these needs have also evolved. Today, the IT industry is in the need of professionals who are willing to step up and take charge of the entire situation. Only when they have the required managerial training required, will they be able to adapt to the pace at which the progress is happening.
Why are managers needed?

Knowing the technology is not going to be enough. It is the managers who will prescribe the path ahead. Yes! How to handle those who have the knowledge? How to administer the repair work needed in a crisis situation? How to take care of the employees? What are the steps needed to ensure timely completion of project. This is where the project manager plays a crucial role. Additionally, since the manager is well-versed with the nuances of technology, he is capable of being a part of the team as well as leader of the team, adapting depending on the requirement of situation.

These factors make the MBA in IT business management, a crucial program in the IT industry.

Five reasons to pursue the program

Well, there are many reasons that ensure the decision to pursue the MBA in ITBM at SCIT turns out to be a fruitful one for the students. Nevertheless, here is a look at the reasons:

State of the art infrastructure for best in class academic training is one of the biggest advantages for the students enrolling at SCIT. They get to learn from the experts and also the environment propagates knowledge building.

Round the clock faculty assistance: The infrastructure at SCIT is such that students are free to seek round the clock assistance from the faculty. Be it clarifying doubts or seeking guidance, the faculty is always available.

Industry training included: As part of its teaching methods, SCIT emphasises on industry training. It is this training that helps the students to get exposure to the real ways of working. This prepares them for the future and empowers them to take better decisions as professionals.

Symbiosis tag: Studying at SCIT gives students a chance to earn a degree from Symbiosis. Given its reputation as one of the best institutions for managerial training, the Symbiosis tag will ensure that your resume is placed on priority every time you apply for jobs across a list of prestigious companies. This is because Symbiosis’s reputation of training students precedes your application.

Higher returns: The institution also offers placement assistance ensuring that all eligible students get the required support to realise their dreams of building rewarding careers in the corporate sector.

Effects of Information Technology to Our Daily Lives

Information Technology has become very developed over the years making our lives more comfortable and convenient. Information Technology has both negative and positive effects when it comes to our daily lives. Here are some of the effects of implementing Information Technology in daily living.

One of the most important contributions of Information Technology in our lives is its impact in the medical technology field. Medical personnel are now able to research about different topics which will enable them to discover cures to different ailments.

When it comes to communication, information technology has enabled us to establish communication with our loved ones anytime anywhere with just a click of a mouse or just a press of a button. Information technology has changed the way we send and receive message to everyone, making it more convenient, fast, and reliable as compared to the way we send messages before – through snail mails and telegraphs.

Information technology also helped students to further their knowledge especially with the aid of internet. There are other students who earn their diploma while they are at home through what we call e-learning and in e-learning, the students study and discuss with a professor over the internet instead of the typical room setting. In other words, they can study anywhere there is computer which has internet access.

But along with these advantages come a lot of disadvantages and one of which is the bad effect of internet especially to younger generations. Young people, especially teenagers, are being more dependent with Information Technology that they no longer seek other options when it comes to their research works. When they are doing their assignments, a lot of students are just copying and pasting articles off the web and submitting them to their teachers.

7 Advantages of a Portable Karaoke Machine

Are you thinking over your decision to buy a karaoke player? There are at least 7 good reasons to buy a portable karaoke player. Here are some of them…

1. Karaoke machine you can carry anywhere.
Light and portable and very easy to set up. You can set up a portable karaoke player to a TV set and sing along with the karaoke songs that you love. It comes with buit-in songs.

2. New Portable karaoke machines have advanced features comparable to big set-top box machines. You can save your favorite songs, reserve up to 30 songs while somebody is singing, record songs, playback recorded songs, with built-in memory to save pictures, videos etc.

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3. One popular portable karaoke is WOW Videoke Concerto Pro. It uses Music Revolution Technology, Real Sound MP3 Sound Technology, and the new Dream Sound Module. These players make use of Music Revolution Technology and Real Sound MP3 Sound Technology, where all songs are remastered to make it sound closer to the original track. Experience singing with real instrument accompaniment ( Real Sound), Songs with back-up singers and multiplex songs. The result is a different level of sound experience not heard in any portable Karaoke device.

4. Portable players make great practice for live events at the comfort of your own home.
Are you an aspiring musician or singer? Do you dream of performing in front of a large audiences? You can get good practice using a karaoke portable player, as it offers lyric prompts, realistic sounds and even backup singers! With 2 professional Quality wireless microphones for superior voice clarity, natural sound, effortless singing with keypad for searching and control.With user friendly remote control, you can search songs by Title, artist, lyrics or the old-fashioned way or by number.

5. Karaoke song chips expand your music collection, you can expand and expand and expand? You can buy more music by the way of karaoke song chips. A single chip addition can hold up to 300+ songs, additional 1 hour video background.

6.Because you love karaoke.
WOW Videoke karaoke is a karaoke player with 3D anime dance background and other video background options, multiplex songs, real sound songs, songs with back up singers and the NEW Music note function.

7. Revolutionizing karaoke entertainment
You can even use your Karaoke as a media player, play movies, listen to MP3s, supports up to 32 Gigabytes SD cards or view your own pictures! You control your entertainment. With Built in user memory 500 megabytes load up to 1,400 of your own pictures that you can use as a background, or record up to 500 minutes of your own songs.

Why not flirt with greatness and explore your musical talents with a new age karaoke machine? It’s affordable and with all the advanced features comparable to big set-top box karaoke machines.

Crossbow Reviews based on technology

The Crossbow weapon dates back to ancient China and can be traced back to more than 2,000 years. The technology behind the weapon as been here for more than two decades now and has steadily advanced over the years. If you still wonder as to why most hunters still prefer the ancient weapon, well it is because it is one of the few tools that allows them to deliver a very silent and accurate shot at close range. For those planning to purchase the weapon, it is a must to read some authentic Crossbow Reviews before making the purchase. After all, every buyer will have different budget and needs. Look for the reliable and major guide on the crossbow and get the hang of it.

Choosing the best crossbow
There are certain guidelines to follow to help pick the right crossbow for your need. Your crossbow journey starts with reading Crossbow Reviews and gather more information on them. See what the others are saying about them. After all, you would want a weapon that suits you needs the best and without causing a dent on your wallet. The cross bows can range from one that is worth $100, and the costs can go well over the price range of $1,000.  When money is not an issue, one can pick the top quality crossbow out there that certainly have a higher quality and standard above average.

Those weapons come in different shapes, sizes and the pulling mechanisms will vary too. One also need to focus on the different calibers and shooting speeds. You can get information on the prices and the features. Learn as to which of the weapons are great for beginners and are Lightweight and easy to draw for them. Read about the crossbows that are more suitable for target shooting and hunting small game. There are different crossbows for casual gaming and others for hunting big game. Do not forget to get info on the firing safety mechanism.

What you need to rely on is to get honest and unbiased crossbow reviews on the top rated crossbows available. Make a well-informed decision and look for the right weapon that you might need for hunting or sports or any of those leisure activities. Read the comparison charts carefully and see what the other buyers are saying about the looks, shooting speeds and the functionality of the weapon. Look for reliable sources to get honest reviews on Crossbows and make the right decisions when it comes to buying the weapon.

Nuclear Weapons: 20 facts they don’t want you to think about

(Politicians and their Armageddon machines)

Nuclear arsenals – who wants them? A coterie of politicians.

Why do they want them? – For the illusion of power and to feed their egos.

How do they keep them? – By fostering a culture of fear.

How do they do that? – By positing a Threatening and Unknown Future.

There are 5 primary nuclear weapons states (and four others from proliferation). The politicians of these 5 nuclear states put the future of the citizens of all the other 187 states of the UN at risk as well as their own citizens because of their insistence in keeping their nuclear arsenals.

In no case have the citizens been asked if they want these arsenals.

The reason these politicians want these Armageddon weapons is because they believe it gives them stature and power; makes them players; gets their feet under the top table. For this perceived personal benefit they are prepared to put the survival of the human race at risk.

Nuclear arsenals are the ruthless tools of power-fixated individuals.

In order to keep their arsenals, these individuals must keep the citizens in ignorance. We have a vague dread of these things and what they can do. Humanity has a residual group memory of the unspeakable suffering of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this is very scary. We don’t want to think about it. And that suits the power junkies just fine. Ignorance is power – for the junkies – but not the citizens.

If the truth about nuclear weapons was known there would be millions demonstrating in cities round the world. The arsenals would be dismantled. (By ‘known’ is meant really known; not just an idea in our heads. Known in the way we know a loved person has died or we have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease).

The effects of nuclear explosions on people defy the imagination and our ability (and willingness) to contemplate such degrees of human suffering. But how can we make rational judgements if we do not face the nightmarish facts?

Reciting facts will not ensure the necessary degree of knowing. But it is a start – the basis for critical evaluation.

So here are 20 facts they don’t want you to think about:-

 There are at least 23,000 nuclear weapons1 in existence: sufficient to wipe out the entire human population of the planet many times over.

 Of the 23,000 nuclear weapons in existence around 2,500 are on High Alert2. This means they are ready to be launched at a moment’s notice.

 The missiles delivering nuclear weapons to their target travel at faster than 1000 miles in 4 minutes3.

 The only way our armed forces have of knowing if a nuclear attack is in progress is through an electronic early warning system. This system, like all electronic systems, is subject to malfunction.

 When the electronic warning system signals that a nuclear attack is in progress the military chiefs of staff have a matter of minutes to decide if the warning is true or false.

 If the chiefs of staff instruct the Prime Minister/President that an attack is in progress he has a matter of minutes to decide if this information is reliable and to press the button launching a retaliatory strike.

 Central London would be utterly destroyed by a single megaton bomb.

 One such bomb would, due to the blast alone, cause 98% deaths from Westminster to the City of London and from Lambeth to Marylebone.

A modelled attack on Detroit (when the population was 1.32 million) predicted that a single 1 megaton bomb exploded above the city would cause up to 630,000 deaths and injuries from blast alone. 83% of the population would be immediately killed or injured. Many of the remaining population would die or suffer terribly from the effects of radioactive fallout.

 One 5 megaton nuclear bomb has as much explosive power as all the explosives used in the second world war.

 If a nuclear power station or nuclear waste disposal site were the target of a nuclear attack it has been estimated that the resulting contamination would cover an area nearly 3 times that of Wales.

 Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki referred to the pain and suffering as ‘indescribable’ and ‘hell on earth’. Eventually some survivors of Hiroshima arrived in hospital elsewhere. Such was their degree of suffering that when a nurse entered the ward they screamed for her to kill them.

 There have been various crises since 1945 when the world came within a hair’s breadth of nuclear war. Our luck will run out. The system is held primed at all times.

 In one crisis a single man saved the world from destruction. If Stanislav Petrov, in 1983 had told his Russian superiors that his electronic monitors were signalling a massive nuclear attack from the US there would have been a global nuclear war. He did not tell them and the signals turned out to have been due to a malfunction.

 A nuclear war would cause a blanket of particles in the atmosphere that would blot out the sun’s rays and result in the death of the vegetation on which life depends. This would be in addition to the death to people, animals and plants caused by the explosive power, the radiation and the shockwaves.

Each of the weapons carried on the UK Trident submarine is 7 times more destructive than the Hiroshima bomb which killed 140,000. The UK Trident submarine carries 16 Trident missiles. Each missile can contain 3 No. 100 kiloton weapons. A single submarine is designed to carry over 300 times the destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb.

 The nuclear weapons on a single Trident submarine can destroy over 40 million people (extrapolating from Hiroshima).

The UK nuclear arsenal alone has the destructive power to destroy over 80% of the 195 capital cities of the world.

 We in the UK have 4 Trident submarines; our ally, the US, has 14.

Trident renewal will cost the taxpayer 97 thousand million pounds yet it is totally useless in opposing any real existing threat.

We ignored the threats from the banking system until the first banks started to collapse. Then we took emergency action.

Gold And Silver Trading Robot

Old is gold. Throughtout human history, gold has been considered to be a precious thing. Kings and Queens would hoard this precious metals. Countries would measure their wealth in terms of the gold bullions they had. In the 19th century, world was on a gold standard. It is abandoned in the 20th century. But we might be again heading towards an unoffical gold standard now as US Dollar status as an international reserve currency comes into threat. Gold prices are rising as never seen before. Right now these prices are steady around $1,000 per ounce. But experts are predicting that these prices might go as high as $2,000 per ounce.

The reasons for this unprecendented bull market in gold and silver is the fact that investors are worried about the long term strength of US Dollar. Many wealthy investors are hedging into gold. When US Dollar gets weak, gold prices climb high as most of the investor taken refuge in this safe haven ultimate currency.

Most of the countries keep US Dollar as their international reserve currency for international trade and commerce. Now countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia have huge US Dollar reserves. These countries are converting these Dollar reserves into gold bullion in the international market. The supply of gold is limited. So this huge demand is driving the prices up in the market.

If you have been trading forex than the good news is that you can trade gold as well as silver on forex with the same broker. Many forex brokers allow you to trade these precious metals from the same trading platform.

In the last decade, revolutionary developments took place in the retail forex industry. The most revolutionary was the possibility of automated trading. This became possible with the development of the Meta Trader 4 Platform. This MT4 platform allowed the use of computer programs to trade automatically. These computer programs or software is also called an Expert Advisor or a Forex Robot. This Robot trades round the clock unlike a human that can get tired or fatigued.

What this means is that now you can trade forex on autopilot even while you are sleeping. In the last few years, many good robots have been introduced in the market. Some are giving consistently good results. These automated trading systems are getting better and better. Every month you will find, new robots hitting the market.

Now, many people don’t know this that spot trading gold and silver can be far more lucrative than spot trading forex. Silver is another precious metal that can rocket ten times faster than gold in the coming few years. Many forex brokers allow you to trade silver as well along with currencies, gold and oil. With these precious metals market in an unprecedented bull market, this the best time to trade these metals. Trend trading is what makes a fortune and you have a historic trend developing in these precious metals market right in front of you!

But many people don’t know this fact that now you can spot trade gold and silver with a robot too just like forex. If you have been trading forex with a robot than you need to try these gold robots too!

Solar Energy vs, Nuclear Power

In light of the recent tragedy in Japan, many people are questioning the future use of Nuclear Power vs. Renewable Energy. It appears, for the moment, we all may be sliding down a slippery slope in terms of a worldwide disaster as these Nuclear Plants begin to age and break down, causing potential global threats. With a world population of over 6 billion it is a necessary task for us to find a better solution.

So what is the answer? This is the question we all are asking. Currently legislation is pushing for new, safer energy solutions with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as one of the key players.

Solar energy needs no fuel and has no decommissioning costs (compared to nuclear). Costs per Watt are just incomparable.

We can build complete photovoltaic plants for $ 3,200/kilowatt. Solar thermal plants are even more favorable, in connection with other renewable energy technologies to solving availability, load balancing, etc., There is no argument for the use of nuclear energy vs. solar energy when taken into account the nuclear lobby, free raw material, no risk, no landfill problems, etc.

According to a recent study conducted by NC WARN, a member-based nonprofit nuclear and climate change watchdog group, the cost of building a nuclear power station is increasing as the costs for building Solar plants are decreasing.  Their study conducted in July of 2010 shows the cost of solar energy dropped to roughly 15.9¢/kWh, while nuclear power costs rose to nearly 20$¢/kWh at the plant site, before any transmission charges.

The debate over the future of nuclear power has just stepped up a notch – with US Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton saying the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima plant “raises questions” about the use of nuclear energy in the country.

“What’s happening in Japan raises questions about the costs and the risks associated with nuclear power, but we have to answer those. We get 20 per cent of our energy right now in the United States from nuclear power.” Clinton said.

For now Nuclear Power has the upper hand, but if legislators get their way, that will be changing fast. This means new opportunities for growth in a new global market that is moving ahead to replace those old nuclear plants with clean, safe systems, such as those using Solar Energy.

Already drastic measures have been taken to fund Renewable energy projects and build solar plants her in the U.S. The need for trained solar workers is in high demand and will continue to grow as more solar plants are built.

It is important to get the right Solar Training at a certified school offering certification courses which prepare you to step into the future of solar and renewable energy.

One of the finest certified schools is eRenewable Resource Institute Providing ISPQ Accredited* Hands-On Solar Installation Training located in sunny Phoenix Arizona.

Classes are limited so call today, (480) 446-0400,or visit the website,, for a complete list of available classes and dates.

*ISPQ accreditation, issued by The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, is not a recognized accrediting body by the US Department of Education.

New Educational Robot Needing the Opinion of Teachers

InnoTechnix inc., a robotics company, seeks the opinion of teachers about their new product the WooRobot Arm. The comapny has launched a survey to collect feedback for their new product which can accessed here:

The WooRobot Arm is a 5-axis robotic arm for all ages designed to be an affordable solution for schools to motivate students to learn about robotics, science and engineering while reducing the dropout rate.


The WooRobot Arm is a redesigned version of Mandlebot, InnoTechnix’s previous robotics arm. Mandlebot was used in middle schools and had great results in classrooms. The new WooRobot Arm features a completely updated and optimised design to make it within the reach of school budgets. It will be available for less than $200 which is 7 times cheaper than the company’s previous robot. InnoTechnix’s goal was to provide robots to an entire classrooms at the price of a single one.


The WooRobot Arm is an Arduino driven 5-axis robotic arm with a laser cut acrylic body. The robot comes with Robotic Studio, InnoTechnix’s internally developed software. It allows the user to control the arm with a gamepad or play series of recorded steps to execute complex automations. The WooRobot Arm only requires a screwdriver to be assembled and can easily be customized with attachments. Several head modules are available to expand the abilities of the arm.

The robotic arm comes with guidebooks created by our educational advisers containing exercises that are compliant with the educational curriculum of middle schools and high schools. Teachers can easily integrate the woorobot arm in their classroom without having to elaborate a lesson plan for the robot.

Middle school student can learn about angles, cartesian coordinates and electronics while high school students can learn about physics, mechanics, engineering, and math in a more engaging way. The robot can be used for algebra and functions in math classes. Since the robotic arm is driven by an arduino board, students can use programming to expand what the WooRobot Arm does by adding more functionalities and components to the arm. Users with more experience in robotics can develop their own program to operate the robot and add new features. The arduino board opens an array of possibilities since it is compatible with a lot of affordable components.

About InnoTechnix inc.: InnoTechnix inc. or ITNX was launched in 2011. The company has since developed a variety of robotic arms, custom claws, talking robots, smart clocks and mobile robots. InnoTechnix designs the robots, manufactures all parts and develops the robotic software. InnoTechnix’s robots appeared on television programs like Dragon’s Den, Mr.Net, Entrée Principale, Cogeco TV and a TV commercial for the Ford Focus.

Hip Hop Music – History and Facts Revealed

Hip hop music or also known as rap, is a kind of music genres which consists of rap backing beats. The rise of hip hop is because of the change in united states urban culture especially in 1970s. Most important is the low cost involved in getting started, living cost was quite cheap, and the chances for anyone to MC with popular hip hoper.

There is a difference between Rap and MC, Rap means talk to girl or speak to someone, it was used by Rappers Delight, Sugar Hill Gang, and become the title for hip hop recording, while MC, is a word to describe a hip hoper hosting a jam and rhyming on the mic or master of ceremony.

There are important volunteers of hip hop :
1. James Brown, his dancing, musical feel and his break beats, influenced the born of hip hop genres.

2. Capoeira, see how the dances, its the root of hip hop dances. As we know capoeira is from angola, it is a kind of african dance, capoeira movement and style influenced hip hop dances.

3. Salsa, latin communities who lives in New York have special dance called salsa or bombi plena, this kind of dance also give important influence on hip hop culture.

Hip hop name is comes from rapper, named Keith Cowboy, through Dj Hollywood, but the first one who create hip hop terms is from Black Spades which is a member of Afrika Bambaataa gang.

In 70s, a lot of hip hop clubs appears, there are Hevalo Club, Twilight Zone, Executive Play House, The Fever, Savoy Manor, Boys Club, Over The Dover, Bronx River Center, Penny Lounge,Celebrity Club, Black Door, Sparkle, Skate Key. The pioneers of hip hop Dj are, Charlie Chase, Whiz Kid, Grand Wizard Theodore, Kool Herc, Bug Starski, Johny Thunderbird, Eddie Cheeba, and Tony Tone.

Now, Hip-hop has globalized into a lot of cultures in the world. We can find hip-hop in every corner of the globe, especially at the South Bronx. Hip hop has emerged globally as an movement of art with the uses of technology, speech and body. Music will always continue to embrace, hip-hop’s inspiration differs depend on each culture. Although hip-hop is sometimes taken for permitted by Americans, it is not so elsewhere, especially in the developing countries where it has come to reflect the empowerment of the disenfranchised. Hip-hop music has reached the cultural corridors of the globe and has been absorbed and reinvented worldwide

Information Technology – Creating Global Opportunities

Before going into the minute details of how information technology is creating global opportunities, let us first understand what information technology broadly entails…

Information Technology or IT is as mentioned – a broad term which includes all aspect of managing and processing the data as well as the information. The professionals associated with this group or domains are responsible for designing, developing, supporting and managing computer hardware and software entirely. It is indeed much more than mere information management although that remains a key.

Recently, in a last decade, things have been really good in India when it comes to Information Technology. Unprecedented growth in this segment has allowed countless multinational companies or MNCs to set up their design and development offices in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. These companies have been instrumental in bringing solid technical work into the country and in the process prepare our graduates in getting more and more comfortable with the use of IT. Also, it has taken the entire generation of workforce to a different level altogether where apart from the core job of database management, software design and development, information management, knowledge management – people are also heavily involved in doing the research and development work which includes researching the new ideas and giving them a shape only to be deployed or sold all over the world. This very fact has allowed the exchange of workers and largely the Indian workforce of these MNCs visiting the head quarters for training and additional work or the client locations around the world to do the needed task.

For the youngsters, it’s almost a craze and a dream to work in the field of Information Technology and especially in the domain of software design and development. The generation in India have been extremely computer savvy and that’s one reason thousands and thousands of them have entered into this area. Another reason is the attraction with going abroad. It can’t be denied that when you work in a MNC, you have a very good chance of going to a foreign country and that very well increases your outlook in life coupled with skills and other things.

India is dotted with top engineering colleges which provide a good education in the IT background. In every state, you will surely find best engineering colleges and top Information Technology program which are preparing the present generations for the future tasks.

My recent visit to Nashik has allowed me to foray into the world of top engineering colleges which are silently changing the game so as to speak. These campuses are boasting some of the very best international quality facilities and at a very affordable rate. I had a chance to explore the things in even more detail so I didn’t miss out on the opportunity. On investigating further, I realised that the curriculum of these best engineering programs are designed in consultation with the industry heavyweights who really give important feedback and input in terms of their firm’s requirement which is then utilized in training the folks so as to make them industry ready. And this results in 100% recruitment. And by the way, students from these institutions are ending up in some of the most prestigious companies in India and also a significant number of them are taking up entrepreneurship and making their dream come true.

In the world of constant change we live in, it is very important that a student goes towards a top engineering college where he can be assured of a great academics, superb campus life and life changing prospects to get his dream changed into the reality.

Civil war weapons – introduction of advance weapon technology

The civil war weapons were basically brought into operation when the Union and the Confederate troops went to the first ever modern war in history. Civil War weapons exemplified a revolutionary change from earlier nineteenth century forms of artillery. The civil war weapons may be distinguished into artillery, small arms, Minnie ball and edged weapons. Mostly, the two types of cannons were used in the war, the first was the riled cannon and the second was the smooth bored cannon. The artillery used during the civil war showed classification on the basis of siege artillery and the tactical deployment.

Rifles and handguns were more frequently used in Civil War. The advancement in newly developed weapon technologies like rapid-fire guns and hand grenades give new form to war. Guns were becoming the most advanced weapons in the Civil War as earlier swords and other blades had been serving this purpose for centuries. However, due to advancement in weapons in the Civil War, these edged weapons were assigned to decoration for officers.

Along with small arms including revolvers and rifles cannons and other large artillery were the pick of the Civil War.  These were used when the distance was farther than a hundred yards apart, because of the limited range of guns were not producing fruitful results during the war. In close range, the cannon could be used much like a shotgun. It was filled with a canister full of iron balls. The can split up as soon as the cannon were fired, spraying iron balls at a range of 250 yards or less. As large artillery, cannons were one of the most important weapons in the Civil War, inflicting heavy damage on both sides. Over 600,000 men were killed in the fighting.

When talking about the ancient armory collection, American Civil War weapons are some of the most popular and recognizable collectibles today. Whether you’re looking for a Civil War rifles, gun, or an officer’s pistol, you can have authentic and historically accurate weapons that are sure to be the ornament of your collection.

The 10 Largest Gun Stores in the USA

Gun stores in the US provide a range of firearms to meet the different needs of people – whether for safety or sporting purposes.

The first largest gun store is Wal-Mart, Stores, Inc. It is a chain of huge department stores. According to 2008 Fortune Global 500, it is the world’s largest public corporation by revenue with revenue of 378.80 billion dollars in 2007. It is the nation’s largest grocery retailer, toy seller and even gun and firearms seller. For more than 40 years, it offered all types of sporting goods including ammunitions. Because they are the largest gun store, they are committed to responsible gun selling and strengthen rules in gun sales including video storage of gun purchases and monitor guns sold and purpose of purchase. They continue to promote guns for sporting and hunting purposes and not as assault weapons.

Second is Kmart, another chain of department stores in the US. In 2005, it merged with Sears. It is the third largest discount store after Wal-Mart and Target. Its headquarters is located in Troy, Michigan. It sells hunting and sporting guns and ammunitions but not handguns.

Third is the Sports Authority, which is USA’s largest retailer of full line, sporting goods. It has more than 400 stores. Its total sales reached 2.44 billion dollars in 2005. Its headquarters is located in Englewood, Colorado.

Fourth, is the Gart store, which has over 70 years of sporting goods retailing in the US. It started in 1924 when Nathan Garth sold fishing rods for $50. It opened its first superstore in Denver, Colorado in 1971. In 1998, Gart Sports merged with Sportsmart. Several years after, it finally sold its label to Sports Authority after experiencing revenue losses.

Fifth, is the Big 5 Sporting Goods, which is another sporting goods retailer with headquarters in El Segundo, California. It has 366 stores in 11 states and is led by Steve Miller as Chairman, CEO. In 2004, it reached total sales of 769.9 million dollars.

Sixth is the Airsoft Atlanta store, which was founded by passionate airsoft players and started in summer of 2000. A year after that it opened its first walk-in store focused on airsoft USA avid fans. As of date, the company occupies a 11,500 square ft store and warehouse selling the largest collection of airsoft guns, parts, accessories and tactical gears used all over the world. In support of environmental protection, they offer 100% biodegradable BBs in their ammunitions, exercise recycling of cardboard waste, used styrofoam and batteries, and partially use wind power as electric source. Products are of high quality yet sold at low prices. They offer good customer and shipping services.

Seventh, is the Hyatt Gun Shop. It started business in 1959 and considers itself as a true gun store, which offers wide range of guns, ammunition and direct gun accessories. Awarded with a federal firearms license, they offer over 3000 stocks of firearms.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina it abides by responsible selling procedures. It adheres to strict rules of gun selling like requiring identification cards, permits and background checking from its potential clients. New and used gun auctions are held and clients are requested to bid on the products properly. They offer a no retraction, no trade policy in auctions. They do not export and don’t ship any firearm products overseas; however they ship and export non firearm accessories overseas. New guns are provided with warranty.

Eighth, is the Compasecco Inc., is North America’s largest supplier of air guns, pellet guns, air pistols, BB guns, air scopes, and air rifles from the world’s leading manufacturers like Tech Force, CZ, Crossman, Walther, Air Guns, Avanti, Air Force, Anics, Colt, Air Arms, Gamo, Beeman, RWS, Air Soft, Crosman, Daisy, Benjamin Sheridan, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Remington, Logun, Sam Yang, Winchester, Sumatra, Marksman, and Umarex. It features gun reviews on its website to help potential clients decide on which product to buy. It also contains an online catalog on the latest discounts, combo deals and new products, which can also be ordered on line.

Ninth store is the AcuSport Corp, nation’s leading distributor of outdoor and shooting products. One of the largest gun catalogers, it is located in Bellefontaine, Ohio and led by William Fraim, CEO. In 1992 mail order sales went up to 75 million dollars.

Gunrunner Fine Firearms and Auction Co. is tenth on the list. It is located in Burton, Ohio. It offers more than 700 guns of all types. It specializes in Winchester levers, Belgium Brownings, German Weatherbys, Colt Single Actions, fine double guns, Military weapons, etc. as well as scores of good hunting guns/collectibles. It is owned and operated by Scott Weber, a shooter and hunter for more than 20 years. The shop is also into auctions, as a matter of fact had 25 successful auctions from high grade double guns to military weapons.

Top Auto Forex Robot-Review Of Dad’S Legacy Forex Plan

So it is the end of another weeks trading for FAP Turbo. How well is it performing, is it as great as one says or is it a scam after all? See more about top forex trading robot below.This article will take a look at the EA’s trading performance over the last month and a half. You may need to avoid the next two paragraphs if you are already familiar with FAP Turbo. But when you use FAP Turbo, you’ll know that it does, simply because it permits you to achieve a more comfortable way of life. See more about top forex trading robot below.FX transactions typically involve one party purchasing a quantity of one currency in return for paying a number of another. See more about top forex trading robot below.This EA may also be referred to as a forex robot. It also means you do not want to understand anything about trading and especially forex. It’s been developed by 3 geeks called Steve Mike and Ulrich.

There’s many new Forex trading software out now that tell you when and what to trade based on PC calculations which create trading “signals.” So how did FAP turbo become so very popular you could also be asking? Good question – I performed some research and it seems the creators have leveraged a lot of the hype off an identical product called Forex autopilot System – a giant flash in the pan style forex robot which was full of hype and left a lot of patrons with a bitter taste in their mouths and enormous holes in their wallets. There was also some false advertising in there – some folk were led to believe it appeared to be a new and enhanced version and that they would receive a free upgrade. See more about top forex trading robot below. The bulk of these software programs will lose money because they use past historic information to create a signal. However there are a few that have extremely high winning proportions and FAP Turbo is one of them. For the past 9 years FAP Turbo’s winning rate is over 95% on live trading ( be warned some other software shows you high winning proportion’s but they use non-live, non-real-time, demo accounts to cheat and make it look like they would work on the live system ). So how does FAP TURBO work and why is it different then the remainder of these Forex Trading “Robots?”

However, let us have a look at what I think is the most innovative and interesting part of the FAP Turbo : the Scalper. See more about top forex trading robot below.The scalper will often attempt about 6 trades every day ( depending on the market conditions it may trade just once ). The profit range used by the software is around six to 15 pips. Also, there seems to be some kind of time limit for closing trades. See more about top forex trading robot below.The FAP Turbo has a “stealth” feature that I first saw in the Forex Autocash robot, which is the ability to hide the read stop loss and take profit from the broker, to avoid price tampering and adjustments by some sneaky brokers that are said to engage in this practice. See more about top forex trading robot below. Even if you’re a only just a beginner with forex, the learning curve may not be awfully steep. For one, you can utilize the video manuals, which don’t last for over 10 minutes. See more about top forex trading robot below.You also have a particularly active forum, where you can meet various other members. You may also just browse thru the present threads and see if there are issues that have been debated. See more about top forex trading robot below. I am dazzled at how well FAP Turbo has performed on such a tiny starting capital.

Role of information technology in various sectors of the world

IT has brought in several technological developments in every field. It has accelerated the business of several business organizations all over the world. helped several businesses realize organizational goals and automate processes by following the principles of usability, efficiency, customer related and a clear communication.

Even a single day without computers leaves us feeling paralytic. Information Technology has made us completely dependent for even the simplest day to day task. The recent incident of system failure at key Swiss government ministries has brought Geneva to a standstill. This proves how Information Technology has drastically transformed the way we carry out our day to day activities. It is dynamic and vast and its absence for a day leaves a severe effect on us.

Internet being the simplest form of IT has a major role to play in our daily lives. IT has become the backbone of every organization as well as household.

1. IT has entered almost all industry verticals. For instance, railways, airways and sea networks are connected with the help of IT, as information plays a vital role in the smooth functioning in these sectors and lack of it even for a second can create havoc.

2. Banking is another sector that depends a lot on IT. From carrying out important transaction to storage of confidential data, IT has made several complicated and time consuming work a lot simpler and faster with considerable amount of safety. In fact, e-commerce has made online banking as well as online purchasing and selling of commodities and services much easier and faster adding to the convenience of the common man. By simply searching on the internet one can order anything with just a click of the mouse button.

3. Similarly, the travel and tourism sector all over the world has benefitted a lot from the development of IT industry. One can avoid the crowd and lengthy procedures of booking air or railway tickets. One can choose from the best deals and book tickets online from the comfort of their living room.

4. IT plays a major role in simplifying various organizational processes. Most business enterprises rely on the power of information technology for carrying out their daily tasks conveniently and faster. IT makes complex procedures easier, faster and also helps a lot in avoiding redundancy. It lets individuals access necessary data, ensuring the safety of confidential ones.

5. The field of education has also been blessed with the benefits of IT. Online application to universities, checking results, study materials and much more has made the reach of education broader and easier.

Brief Introduction of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner is a kind of dust removal tool. Robot vacuum cleaner is a high performance machine which can automatically clean and charge.

The navigation system makes home vacuum cleaner has characteristics of robot. The biggest difference between $50 types cleaner and $1,500 model is the sensor precision navigation.

Robot vacuum cleaner uses the robot system which can make many decisions itself so that it just needs a few inputs.

AWARE system makes up of multiple sensors which will collect data, send to the robot’s microprocessor and change movements of robot vacuum cleaner accordingly.

We will figure out how robot vacuum cleaner works in the environment by observing its parts.

After we send command “clean”, the first job of the vacuum cleaner is to calculate how big the size of the room.

First, the robot vacuum cleaner sends infrared signals and then measures how long the time the infrared receiver can get the infrared signal been bounced back.

When the robot vacuum cleaner determines the size of the room, it can also calculate how long it takes to clean the room.

In the process of cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner can avoid stairs by using its four infrared sensors in the front lower part of it.

These gap sensors continuously send infrared signal. The robot vacuum cleaner expects them will soon be bounced back.

If the robot vacuum cleaner goes near a subsidence area, signal will suddenly lost. Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner understands to return.

When the robot vacuum cleaner crashed into the other objects, shock absorber will withdraw and activate the sensor of mechanical objects to tell the robot vacuum cleaner that it has encountered obstacles.

Then, the robot vacuum cleaner executes the movements of retreat, spin and advance in sequence till it finds an unimpeded way.

Nuclear Power: Friend or Foe?

You hear the word “nuclear” and all sorts of things come to mind––none of them good. Rogue nations enriching uranium to wipe out half the map…solid citizens carrying placards and chanting “No nukes!” as a radioactive generators threaten to be built in their families’ backyards …presidential candidates trying extra hard not to mispronounce that tricky word as “nucular.”

But when it comes to nuclear power as an energy source, there are many things to recommend it.

The Pro Argument

  • Nuclear power is efficient. It is possible to generate a high amount of electrical energy in one single plant.
  • No air pollution. Nuclear power emits relatively low amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). The emissions of green house gases are next to zilch. Furthermore, nuclear power plants contribute almost nothing to global warming.
  • This technology is currently available, unlike the other great ideas that still need to be developed.
  • The nuclear power industry creates high-paying, highly skilled domestic jobs that won’t be “offshored.”

The Con Argument
However, the negatives of nuclear power are many. Consider:

  • Two words: nuclear waste. The problem of disposing of radioactive waste is still an unsolved one. The waste from nuclear energy is extremely dangerous and it has to be carefully looked after for several thousand years (10,000 years according to United States Environmental Protection Agency standards).
  • Does the name Chernobyl ring a bell? On April 26, 1986, a nuclear station in the former Soviet Union had a major melt down. The health consequences of this one incident are legendary. High cancer rates, deformed children, etc. And despite a generally high security standard, accidents can still happen. It is technically impossible to build a plant with 100% security. A small probability of failure will always last. The consequences of an accident would be absolutely devastating, both for human beings and for nature. The more nuclear plants that are built, the higher the probability of a disastrous failure somewhere else in the world.
  • Then there is terrorism. Nuclear power plants make excellent targets for terrorist attacks. No atomic energy plant in the world could withstand an attack similar to 9/11.
  • Nuclear power makes more than electricity. During the operation of nuclear power stations, radioactive waste is produced, which in turn can be used for the production of nuclear weapons. In addition, the same know-how used to design nuclear power plants can be used to build nuclear bombs.
  • Nuclear energy is not renewable. The energy source for nuclear energy is Uranium. Uranium is a scarce resource; its supply is estimated to last only for the next 30 to 60 years depending on the actual demand.
  • Nuclear plants take time to build. When you consider all the licensing, planning, lobbying and building involved in a new nuclear power plant, it can take as many as 20 years in a democratic country like ours. In other words: It is an illusion to think we can build nuclear power plants quickly.

The Bottom Line
Nuclear energy has many advantages and the latest technology is making nuclear power plants safer and safer. But, for many people, the risks still outweigh the benefits. Nevertheless, the public continues to send mixed signals. For example, a recent New York Times poll showed that 51% of Americans approved of building more nuclear power stations. The flipside is that 55% disapproved of having a nuclear power plant in their community. Maybe we need a new bumper sticker. “Yes, Nukes. Just Not Here.”

Hwobot, a homework robot?

There’s something distinctly universal about school. No one likes it, especially if you don’t understand a word your teacher is saying. Sometimes, students simply need the extra “boost”. However, in the current economy, where schools are cutting back teachers, getting extra help can be hard to come by. That’s where Hwobot, the homework robot, comes in handy. Although the name appears to intrigue by claiming to be an actual homework robot, that is not really the case. It’s a homework question and answer site, much like Yahoo! Answers. However, it has a few bonus features that I thought was pretty cool.

For one, the site rewards you for answering questions. According to homepage, one top contributor each month is chosen, by lottery I suppose, as the winner of the monthly giveaway. This can range from gift cards to last month’s, a Bullet Bill Cap. I thought that was an awesome added incentive to help promote people to help each other. It would also increase that rate that questions are being answered, providing help to needy students quicker.

Another thing I thought Hwobot had one up on Yahoo! Answers was that you can attach files. I know this is really useful because oftentimes, when using Yahoo! Answers, I would want to attach a picture to explain what I mean, instead of using just words. Sadly, that was never possible. However, with Hwobot, I could attach pictures for both questions and replies, making communication much easier between questionee and respondee. The picture formats, from what I could tell, where JPG and GIF files. The one bad part of this would be that the site doesn’t say specifically what type of files can be attached, leaving the user to guess and test.

Lastly, what I really loved was that questions can be posted anonymously. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but to a person who posts a lot of questions, that is. I don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an account and then signing in every single time I want to post a question. I never have to worry about forgetting my username or password. Hwobot keeps everything simple because that’s its goal, to create a place where questions can be freely asked and quickly answered. I think that’s another reason why Hwobot has one up on Yahoo! Answers.

Aside from those differences, there was the fact that Hwobot looked like a decent site. The layout was very crisp looking, making it easy to navigate. Although there were a number of ads on the site, it doesn’t clog the page. The site had a nice balance of color, neither neglecting it nor using excessive amounts. Overall, the page was well done and commendable. I tried asking a few questions and they were answered pretty quickly (within the hour). The site boasts a 98% answer rate, which means that almost everyone will have their questions answer. I suppose the only ones that won’t be answered are the incoherent ones, “liezk mi good, wass fiftz poos foo?” Well, at any rate, if you ever have a question about school, or looking to answer some questions and chance a prize, I suggest giving Hwobot a look-see.

How Effective Are Stun Guns for Self Defense

Nowadays what do you interpret about women authorization? It’s intending much cleared to enhance the strength of girls and women’s in all fields. Our law provides independency to them to choose any profession or streamed as well as they had same human rights that given to everybody. But Eve teasing is a common issue that increased day by day in worldwide, which lots of women’s & girls are not safe in any place either their homes, outside & offices. Safety of women’s is consistently a conscious matter in all over world, anyhow every women have to face affliction in each one hour which they feels defenseless, going in depression & sometimes they suicide that not a conclusion of all these problems.

So now don’t worry at all, because lots of dealers in India organized devices of safety for girls & women’s. Action India Home Products is one of them that provide you Self Defense like Stun Gun in Delhi which you can easily fight with any person who teases you at any place. Stun Guns are very simple to use as its battery operated electronic mechanism accomplished to shock & damage provoker. They are literally not guns & they don’t execute bullets but yes you can tackle your problem without help of anybody.

Its only gives electric shock to attacker which the person empty-headedness or can be disabled for half an hour & you can quickly run away from there or call to anybody for your help. Stun Guns affect straight nervous system of that attacker & it will take out whole strength of body. And also it not necessarily that girls safe in their homes because domestic violence cases raised day to day therefore these gadgets specially required for both house wife’s & working women’s.

We are endorsing different types of Stun Guns to preserve you. Action India Home Products famous for its amazing devices that provides complete safety to women’s & it popular as well among India. A wide range collection of self defense devices such as electric shock gun, ladies safety devices, cell phone style stun gun etc at very reasonable prices. In city like Delhi, where security and safety of girls are burning issue; so to protect you from odd situations purchase Stun Gun in India from online and offline store at best price.

For Women’s and girls’ Lipstick stun gun that’s a part of ladies safety device is accessible to open and carry out in your purse while going on unsafe areas. No one can doubt on you as its look alike lipstick, just shock the attacker while they trying to do you abuse. Action India Home Products serving humanity with each one desirable security and superintendence devices with current technologies that are provide peace of mind to the customer, which is our top priority.

Full Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR210)

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, majority of people clean their houses once a week and find the process of cleaning the floor is boring and time-consuming. This is where the smart robot vacuum comes in. The robot vacuum cleaner liberates people from their tedious cleaning jobs and helps save precious time. Vacuum-cleaning robots can be widely used, which are not only for private homes but also for offices, stores, etc.

Robot vacuumschange the way we do the cleaning. If you are not sure which robot vacuum suits your needs you could see our Professional Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Series. The vacuum’s sleek design, automatic operations and high efficiency makes them a worthy investment.

You may wonder why they are worthy of investment.  As we know that since the day when the robotic vacuums were invented, the way of household cleaning was changed forever. Due to the sleek design with advanced technological concept, people are hitting to purchase the robot vacuum cleaner.

A robot vacuum performs two essential functions – navigation and cleaning. Navigation of the robotic vacuum cleaner is controlled by the robots motherboard and sensors. With technology advancements, robot manufacturers have developed exclusive programming. This programming ensures minimum human input in executing robotic vacuum operations. Bumper sensors are provided on the front of the robot vacuum to avoid obstacles. These sensors constantly send signals that help the robot to turn back immediately when it is approaching or touches obstacles. Also, one has to remove small obstacles on the floor so that the robot vacuum does not get stuck on them.

The cleaning action of the robot vacuum is supported by dirt sensors. Cleaning brushes remove the dirt as the vacuum motor vacuums them up. All vacuumed waste is deposited in the dirt bin.

Just imagining the time you’ll save vacuuming your house’s entire floor area. You can do something else with all that time you should have spent cleaning especially in this fast changing world, time saved is definitely worth the price.

Blowgun – A Hunting Weapon as a Personal Safety Device

Introduction –

Blowgun is like a tube or pipe-shape equipment that is used to fire darts and other projectiles as a part of game as well as to paralyze the target upon impact. A blowgun is a weapon used since ages in ancient history. Earlier, it was made from a narrow, hollow lightweight tube of wood or metal. It was used by blowing pressurized air from one end of the blowgun to fire a small dart to the target that is several hundred feet distant. Although quite simple to make and use, it has been used for centuries as an effective hunting weapon and a device to ensure personal safety around the world.

The Making –

Blowguns are generally made from different materials depending on its usage and the manufacturer. However, today’s blowgun are made of lightweight metal or durable polymer with a plastic mouthpiece to transfer the air with full blow by the user. Moreover, modern blowguns are made into several pieces that are later assembled in order to clean them easily. In the United States, blowgun is considered as a weapon and can only be used by the adults (i.e., those aged 18 or more).

The Shots –

The most common shots fired by a blowgun is the dart. There are different types of blowgun projectiles available in the market. The two most popular are pointed darts and stun darts. The pointed darts are sharp and can pierce any object after the impact. The stun darts are made of heavy plastic to practice targeting indoors.

Another most popular blowgun caliber is the .40 caliber, which is a medium caliber blowgun for both beginners and professionals. Metal pointed darts, practice darts and even weighted stun darts are available to use.

The Safety –

  • Blowguns and its shots should be kept out of the reach of children. These should only be used by adults or under the supervision of adults.
  • It is important to wear eye protection gear while practicing or shooting.
  • Never shoot a dart at a blind intersection or a narrow area where someone can mistakenly walk into the line of fire.
  • Never attempt to shoot the darts at the wall as it may hit electric wire concealed in the wall. It may charge it with the current that might give a shock while trying to remove.
  • It’s not wise to keep a handful of darts in your pocket as it may harm you. Always use a quiver, pouch or anything designed to hold whichever choice of ammunition you have decided to use.

Are Light Weight Deflectometers as Accurate as Traditional Nuclear Density Testing?

Different types of methods and equipment are used to test soil, and experts have varying opinions on which one is more reliable and more accurate in producing results. Standard testing methods still have their merits, but there are newer technologies that can provide more convenient and easier ways to test the quality of the pavement. A growing number of engineers now prefer light weight deflectometer.

Limitations of Traditional Nuclear Density Testing

Nuclear density testing is accomplished with a nuclear densometer, a geotechnical engineering field instrument that determines a compacted material’s density. It is also known as ‘soil density gauge’ and it uses the interaction of matter with gamma radiation to determine the density of the material. To do this, a nuclear densometer directly transmits gamma radiation or backscatters it. The device can analyze the material’s density by counting a number of photons from the radioactive source. A detector tube in a gauge base reads the number of photons. It usually takes 60 seconds to count.

Though nuclear densometers are reliable, their gauge usually needs to be calibrated to record the standard count on the device. The standard count is the amount of radiation released by two nuclear sources in the device, with no leakage or loss. The device can compare the amount of radiation that is received to the amount of radiation that is released. Technicians must create a hole in the compacted base using a 3/4″ diameter rod, which is hammered into the base. Only then can the probe of the densometer be inserted.

Benefits of Using Light Weight Deflectometers

Creating a hole on certain materials (like pavements and roads) may be inconvenient for some technicians in certain situations—such as in areas that are difficult to access. Hence, they require a faster and non-invasive way to determine the density of soil. A light weight deflectometer can help them achieve that. It accomplishes dynamic load plate tests faster, even without a laboratory or a loading vehicle present. LWDs can be used in areas that are difficult to access, like backfills and ditches.

Light weight deflectometers are as accurate as traditional nuclear density testing, but their portability, compact size, and non-invasive testing method provide a quicker and easier way to determine the soil or the material’s compaction quality. They can be used to measure the entire construction site quickly at no additional cost, making them valuable equipment for civil engineering, earthworks, road construction, railway track construction, landscaping, and other industries.

Self Defense Stun Guns-A Finest Tool to Overcome Eve Teasing

In the whole world no single fellow is safe because corruption spread everywhere & the reason behind is criminals that always try to trouble common person. One of the most common issues is an eve teasing that facing throughout lots of girls and women’s in their daily life. Nowadays every girl is working & some girl’s offices much farther from their homes which sometimes they reach their home in the late night. Most of the girls doing night jobs which they face eve-teasing or molestation many times. We all see and hear the news about these issues everyday in newspapers and news channels. The police department does their best job to clean these types of issues, but that’s not enough we also try to protect us. Therefore, many girls taking classes of judo and karate & some keeps paper spray in their bags, but sometimes these preventions are not sufficient therefore using a stun gun weapon for your safety.

How to use stun gun? Stun guns is not a real gun but yes it is a safety device so, if you ever feel that someone is follow you or someone try to molest you just use this gadget. Just hold it in your hands & push the tracer then the device deliver a shock to the attacker which he loses control of their muscles or get paralyzed for half an hour & that’s time enough for you to escape from that place. Remember one thing, don’t play with this gun & only target this gadget over those people who want to trouble you. Stun Gun in Delhi is very popular among the girls because it is provides complete protection without any hassle. These guns don’t cause any internal injury on the body of the attacker, but this gadget gives a little pain to the offender which you can easily run away from there or call the police for help.

Basically, this device is a complete package of security & you can easily go alone anywhere. These stun guns not only using by girls as senior citizens also use these devices for their safety because some attacker’s main target is the oldest person & also a girl. As attacker always thinks that girls and old seniors are very weak to fight against them, therefore if you really want to protect yourself then use Stun Gun in India. It is very light weighted as you can easily operate and carried out anytime & anywhere. There are different types of stun guns available in the market such as a lipstick stun gun (especially for girls), cell phone stun gun, ultra compact stun gun, stun baton gun, expandable type stun baton, self defense stun gun along with many more. With these types of stun gun weapon, no one can doubt for you that you try to attack on them. So if you want to buy this gadget then going to online and offline shops of Action India Home Products that also dealers and suppliers of spy products & provide their all gadgets at very cheap prices with best quality.

Learn More About The Changing Face Of The Music Industry

The face of music has always been changing, from the days of Mozart to Buddy Holly there has only been one constant factor remaining consistent throughout the centuries, the music industry is a commercial medium. The musical revolutionaries of the 60s might well disagree however even at that point people were buying records and labels were making millions.

This is more true than ever in this day and age, where musical instruments have been replaced by grinding women in bikinis, low riding Cadillacs and more bling than you can shake a stick. The changing face of music is not only in the image and artists but also in the musical equipment used to produce and distribute music.

Musical piracy as it is being called, is dominating the music industry and there are two schools of thought on it. One being that of the music industry and the law who understand the illegal sharing and distribution of music as copyright infringement, the other being the people who believe that music should be free to everyone, however it is not clear how they are suggesting that the Cadillacs and bling are going to be financed.

This has come due to the massive technological advances in the last decade in the field of musical technology. The face of music has changed due to the accessibility of musical production and distribution. You can now at a click access your favourite music legally and free of charge via various video hosting sites and it is a massive form of marketing now.

Production takes place in many a bedroom and have become very accessible to those with very little musical knowledge due to the relatively simple midi based software packages that have saturated the market. These have made music production much more accessible than previously and with many global forums you can share your music and potentially distribute it with great ease.

The digital age has rendered other formats almost obsolete. As the CD killed off the cassette in one foul swoop, CD is now on the edge of extinction being replaced by an array of audio files. The death of CDs has been slower than the predeceasing format, this might be accounted for because the retailers buying from the music industry still need to sell products and there has been no next generation product that can be bought over the counter to replace CDs.

The retailers are encouraging people to buy CDs and then rip them onto their iPod or MP3 players. It is thought that CDs will stick around for a while. The greatest surviving format has to be vinyl which is still massively popular with DJs around the globe. This again is under attack by products such as the Tonium Pacemaker, which is the size of a Nintendo DS, however holds 120gig, about 3000 hours work of music.

Stun Gun- Fantastic Self Defense Weapon for Girls and Women

Women or girls are integral part of our life we can’t imagine our society without them, women and girl have unprecedented contribution for their nation, nowadays in this modern society you can’t discriminate women because they toil as men so they deserve respect , you will found many women and girls who are now zenith of success. Literally women are challenging men in each sector either it is science or technology or sport.

In short women are building healthy coordination in their personal and professional life; nowadays women are independent and they are enjoying their life, each individual is entitled for liberty either men or women, but nowadays security of women or girl are sensitive issue for whole world; we are observing several tragic incident against women as physical and mental exploitation, eve teasing, sexual harassment etc.

 Literally nowadays it is very sad to say that, women are neither safe in office nor in their home; it is a bitter pill for to swallow of today’s modern society. So in this scenario no one comes forward to help her.  Somewhere action taken by government against these heinous crimes is not enough, that’s why crime against girl and women are augmenting day by day so in this scenario self defense weapon is best and ultimate option for self defense. Stun Gun is best self defense weapon for women and girl, its weight is light, so it is convenient and easy to operate, so for self defense order Stun Gun in Delhi from online and offline store at best price.

Since it is easy to operate so you don’t need any kind of special training to operate this, it gives high voltage electric shock up to 25000 volt to attacker since it  direct affect on nervous system so he will paralyzed or unconscious for half an hour and this time is enough for you; either run away or call someone for help, this device will extract all energy of person who attacks you, you just make it touch on attacker. In metro city like Delhi you will found many dealer and supplier of this product so for best offer order Stun Gun in  India from your nearest trusted dealer shop.

This device is not only for women and girl; rather it is ideal for senior citizen as we are observing different tragic incident against our senior citizen so this device will ensure their security either they are in their home or outside, if you have this device then you will feel secure in any corner of the world and anti social element will far away from you. You will found different self defense weapon as Ultra Compact Stun Gun, Self Defense Stun Gun, Cell Phone Style Stun Gun, Police Stun Baton+ Torch, Taiwan Police Stun Gun, Expandable Type Stun Baton, Lipstick Stun Gun, Stun Baton Gun, Aggressive Dog Deterrent, Taser X 26 Smart Weapon these all are latest and easy to operate so you can choose it as per your need.

Nuclear Plant Workers Battles To Stop Fukushima Destruction

The Nuclear Plant Workers were performing a heroic routine to save the Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant from destruction. The workers have voluntarily exposed themselves to the fatal levels of radiation. They said that they are not afraid to die and will fight from being destructed till the end of their lives. A total of 180 technicians have been named as the ‘Fukushima Fifty’ due to which they rotate round-the-clock shifts in order to cool the overheating reactors. Yesterday, the Japanese military helicopters were headed with tons of water to cool the nuclear reactors.

The country believes that the people working for the nuclear plant are the bravest of the brave and have kept themselves in front of the country. The Tokyo radiology professor, Keiichi Nakagawa stated that the situation is like suicide fighters in the war. The country has raised the maximum of 150% dose for workers. However, the Japanese authorities were accused of loosing the control over plant and there by not coming clean over the expectation that how bad will be the issue.

The policemen of Japan said that they have confirmed 6,548 deaths in the earthquake and the tsunami which hit the northern Japan. It has been exactly one week after the disaster has hit the country. The death rate has surpassed than the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995. According to the records, 10,345 people are still missing and some might be not reported as missing because, the entire family might have been demised completely. The death toll continues in Miyagi Prefecture leading to 3,860 confirmed deaths and 2,252 missing. The Fukushima Prefecture has recorded 592 deaths and 3,844 people remained to be still missing.

TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Company announced that radiations readings have decreased after the water was discharged at reactor No.3 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Fukushima has taken prevention measures have been taken about of 500 meters northwest of reactor before implementing the operation. The radiation level stood at 3,484 microsieverts per hour and dropped to 3,339 after the operation.

A spokesman for the nuclear safety agency has stated that the agency has raised the rating of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear crisis upon the International Nuclear Event Scale. It is defined at the Level 4 incident as of having the local consequences and a Level 5 for having wider consequences.

How Does A Music Synthesizer Work?

A music synthesizer makes sounds by using an electrical circuit as an oscillator to create and vary the frequency of sounds in order to produce different pitches. As long as the pitch is within the range of frequency that can be heard by a human ear, it’s known as a “musical pitch” (so a dog whistle wouldn’t count) as a musical pitch. You can use a keyboard to vary these pitches at discrete intervals that correspond to the notes on the musical scale. If you put several oscillators together, you can combine several pitches to create a “chord”.

OK, we’ve got pitch down (at least in a very simple sense). How do you vary the tone of a particular pitch? That is done by playing a given pitch with waveforms of different shapes (common waveforms include sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms). Since the harmonic structure of these waveforms differ, our ears interpret them as different tones. The sound you will hear can also be modified by voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCA) and voltage-controlled filters (VCF).

Synthesizers are able to only mimic the sounds of non-synthetic instruments, but also to create sounds that absolutely cannot be played by anything but a music synthesizer. That is because a music synthesizer is well-suited to delicate manipulations of its oscillators. Nevertheless, it’s a lot easier for a synthesizer to create entirely new sounds than to mimic the sounds of acoustic instruments because the waveforms of acoustic instruments are so complex. Interestingly, once complex sound that synthesizers so far have been very bad at reproducing is the human voice (although improvements are being made in this technology).

The entire electronic music scene would be virtually impossible without the use of synthesizers (no doubt some wish it were). Nevertheless, the number of sounds that a musician has to work with has been exponentially increasing in recent decades, and we have only scratched the surface of the creative possibilities. Imagine the consequences if a machine was invented that could generate 100,000 hitherto unknown colors?

Cloning in information technology

Business world is busy in buzzing around with new technologies and innovations to keep pace with the new generation style of business. Speed, accuracy, productivity, cost efficient methods are the need of an hour. Business world is looking for result oriented software’s to meet the requirement. VM Virtualization is the answer to all these information based problems. It is like making a multiple clone of single computer unit into multiple computer devices controlled and managed by its owner to expand his business while not spending single money on the expansion.  It promises you a result oriented, cost effective and productive way to handle your information on the computers. VM Support helps you to manage multiple virtual machines from a single computer. Now, you can connect many computers with your main computer and can easily control your business and staff.

The VM Virtualization inserts a thin layer of software directly on the computer hard ware or on a host operating system. This contains virtual information that distributes hardware resources vivaciously and transparently. Multiple computers can run on a single physical computer and share hardware resources with each other.

VM Support promptly offers multiple facilities to your information department and resources to be operated from a single point thus enable you to save your precious time to be consumed on something more important in your life. Its resolutions are more compatible in the present scenario than your conventional methods. VM Virtualization offers an exclusive service to retrieve your deleted files or information with disaster recovery solutions to stay connected with the world. Now you can response to your client inquiry quicker than before.  Old server has many problems with their infrastructure but now they can rely on the automated data base for increased productivity.

VM Virtualization offers you to manage multiple computers from one single virtual machine sharing through across multiple environments. This entire exercise saves up to 50%- 70% of your resources. You can make your own public or private cloud to provide an additional flexibility to your computer. You will have an entirely secured personal infrastructure to excel in your field. Its gives you the freedom from looking for net working range or servers for your each single computer. You are secured in your private cloud while you have the opportunity to peep in the public cloud from your private cloud. You don’t have to create hybrid cloud for your enterprise as VM supports is compatible with all standard operating systems, applications and device drivers.

VM support provides opportunity to your employees to connect and use different servers at a time yet they are inspected by their superior. User will not do anything suspicious as they are aware of the fact that they are in constant observation. Users remain in dignity and thus increase its efficiency which yields good results in the future. It will defend you against error prone manual tasks as there is no room for any mistake in this infrastructure. It has an automated datacenter built on the production proven platform to respond efficiently than their conventional methods.

The Powder Coatings Industries With The Powder Coating Guns

The Powder Coatings

The powder coating technology is improved in the application equipments are used in the powder coating process in the painting industries. The early powder Coaters are the application of equipment manufacturers have faced several changes how to create a perfect coating for the metals and machines in these challenges the new equipment is being established called an Electrostatic Manual Powder Coating Gun.When powder coating is applied in the metals, it increases the powder coatings, electric field of his strength. As we used the powder regularly the electric field of his strength becomes air trapped in the powder coatings.The polyester powder coatings are being considered in the guns and used in the metals and machines for the usage of thin metals in this coatings.

The Powder Coating Guns

The process of electrostatic powder coatings is charged electrically applied the powder coating materials where the powders are supplied in the coating gun and the powder is circulated by compressed air into fluidized.The powder provides a composed flow of powders in the guns and controls the power of guns and their volume adjust the ratio coverage the product of varied shapes. An electric spray gun of the powder is done by corona charging.The Powder Coating Industrial companies are used in the most of the advance powder coating guns in the industries.Where the powder coating guns are more easily when you use the manual coatings of the machines in the execution stages.

The powder is delivered to the spray gun using compressed air from depot bags and the powder coating gun with a high voltage is charged corona this charge create an electric field between the grounded piece work and the corona. The deposited particles have affected the corona electrode using the corona gun and the layer of thickness is limited under the powder named as ionization. The powder of grain is limited in the thickness and causing a layer of powder is counted for this reason the corona guns are mainly focused on the layer of thin coating. The electric field lines are charged with the particles and follow the equality of the powder coatings is affected in the area of the workpiece are closest to the gun.The automatic powder coating guns are accomplished in the leading industries and managed all the workers of the company will gain this type of automatic powder coating guns.

Xtreme Profit Robot Review: Traffic Generation On Autopilot

Xtreme Profit Robot is a software package launched by Kieran Gills and Ryan Jackson in March 2011. It is essentially a traffic generation tool that helps you find relevant keywords, creates a website for you and seeks out traffic sources to help you market the website you’ve just created. It sounds pretty slick, but does it work?

Kieran Gills has been around for a while and has launched other software products such as Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage and Auto Traffic Avalanche. Ryan Jackson is known more as launch page and graphic designer turned super affiliate. Together they have launched Xtreme Traffic Robot.

The Xtreme Profit Robot package includes 3 modules:

  • Module 1 – A Keyword/Niche Tool that identifies relevant keywords and variations.
  • Module 2 – A website building tool, targeted to the niche, with a click of the mouse.                       Creates content on autopilot.
  • Module 3 – Seeks out traffic sources and automatically plugs you into those sites.

So the main thrust of the software is to simplify the entire process of finding a niche, building a site and then seeking out traffic sources. So once you’ve sorted through the keywords, selected your niche and had the software build you a site, then the fun begins. The software will then help you find targeted websites and blogs that are operating in your niche and where blog comments are related exactly to what you want to sell. The software literally returns hundreds of sites that fit your search criteria.

The beauty of the software is that it not only helps you find the targeted sites with active discussions going on about your niche or even the specific product that you’re promoting, but it will then post comments for you on those sites.
All you have to do is create a few well crafted comments that will motivate people to visit your website and then the Xtreme Traffic Robot software will take over from there and post comments to hundreds of sites on autopilot.

The word on the street regarding Xtreme Traffic Robot is rather mixed and it’s too soon to tell if it actually delivers on it’s promise. There is no doubt that commenting on relevant websites is a great way of building highly targeted backlinks for SEO benefits. Comments that I read in various IM forums were skeptical that the software works. Some said that Xtreme Traffic Robot looks surprisingly similar to another traffic tool called, but I don’t know for sure.

Top 10 Best Educational Robot for kids

Do you still think the children nowadays would love to play with the dolls and toy cars like you did 20 years ago? It’s time to throw them away. Robots for kids are some of the most cutting edge products available on the market. With matching apps, gesture, voice control, and advanced mechatronics, these electronic kits will be given life, and keep the kids entertained, engaged and educated. This article is aimed at introducing 10 of the most popular robots for kids, and teaching you how to choose an operable and instructive robot for your kids.

1. Sphero 2.0

3 years after Sphero 1.0 launched, the second version of the popular little ball has came into the market in 2014 with more cool LED lights and interactive functions. Sphero 2.0 pairs with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth allowing kids to control and program their spherical robot to do some truly amazing things. The shell made of makrolon enhances the impact resistance and ensures it undamaged even falls from one metre high.

Apart from being a plaything, Sphero is also a learning tool. You can download free SPRK lessons and learn the basics of programming, then dig more interesting functions of the smart robot.

Watch: Top 10 Best Kits 2015/16

Ages: 5+

Price: $129.99

Purchase link:

2. mBot robot kit

Instead of a toy played by kids, mBot is a masterpiece created by kids. mBot is an educational robot which is easy to handle. The original intention of the design is to make it convenient for children to learn programming, Arduino, and robotics. To start with, kids have to assemble the robot by themselves. To make it possible, modular design simplifies the assembly so that it can be finished in 10 minutes. As for the software, users do not need to code, instead, they only have to drag the pattern to design a program. All these make it easier for kids to use and learn about robots. Particularly, the affordable price helps to realize the goal of “one robot per kid”.

Price: $49

Purchase link:


 3. Ollie

Coming from the same company of Sphero, Ollie can move faster and better adjust to different kind of terrain than Sphero does. You can command if to run, jump, spin, drift, and flip using a Smartphone via Bluetooth. It takes rather long time before you can perfectly control it. The LED lights changes color during the run to communicate to the controller. For example, it turns red when it stops suddenly. Ollie can also be customized with all sorts of different tires and hubcaps to conquer any indoor or outdoor terrain.

Ages: 5+

Price: $99.99

Purchase link:


4. Romibo

Romibo is an engaging smart character for autism therapy and language learning. It helps children practice communication and social skills. It looks like a stuffed toy with an LED screen on its face which shows the expression designed by users. Romibo snaps the action of kids by its front camera. Educators or therapists can control its voice and movement. Romibo tells stories and delivers prompts and praise. Many children prefer communicating with Romibo in times of high stress or anxiety.

Price: $698

Purchase link:


5. Cubelets

Using Cubelets to create a robot is like building blocks. The only difference is that each brick is a single robot. The included brick adapters connect Cubelets to each other and bring vivid motion and life to the toys you create. There are 3 different kinds of functions the blocks have, respectively are Think, Action and Sense. Think blocks have math or logic functions that enable to serve as ones giving directives to the corresponding blocks; Action blocks then perform actions accordingly; and Sense blocks are capable of responding to different sights, sounds, or touches. Cubelets are excellent educational robots for kids that will enable kids to think logically during the operation.


Price: $159.99

Purchase link:


6. Ozobot

Ozobot looks like a big candy. It is not a complete toy, instead, it acts according to what you program. It offers a fun and educational way to play while learning important logic and programming skills. Kids can direct Ozobot to move around or do some more complicated actions like dancing. By simply drawing color-coded line patterns, which is called “OzoCodes”, OzoBot can identify them with the sensors installed in the bottom and move along the line you draw. The sensors can even identify the colors and stick to one. So you can draw whatever you like even labyrinth on paper or iPad. If you are looking for a robot to help your children develop coding skills and logical thinking, then Ozobot is an amazing piece of kit.

Ages: 5+

Price: $49.99

Purchase link:

7. Dash & Dot

Dash &Dot are robot duo with the same blue shell, and the bigger one is Dash. They are designed to understand what happen around and respond to them. They can hear sounds, detect objects, and know if you are moving them. For example, they will bark when kids slap their hands. Toward this end, the little robots are installed with various sensors to allow them to detect certain objects. The robots are driven by software. There are 4 different apps to control the Dash, which are suitable for kids at different age. In addition, these two robots are built to teach kids simple coding skills. Using the accompanying free app, kids can start off creating simple actions for Dash and Dot.

Ages: 5+

Price: $229.99

Purchase link:

8. WowWee MiP Robot

The WowWee MiP Robot looks like a little man as a whole, except for their leg replaced by wheels. Just like many other robots, MiP can be controlled by smartphones. Beside that, it also allows you to control the robot’s action by using hand motions and object movements. It’s a robot that can understand gestures, allowing you to lead it around like a little puppy. The WowWee MIP’s body is perched atop a pair of Segway-like wheels, so its body can lean forward and backward during movements. Armed with a self-balancing mechanism, it can spin in place, make sudden turns and carry objects on its arms without falling over (it comes with an included tray for carrying larger items). The robot is stable enough that it can carry the weight of another MIP, too, so you can use it to ferry small items around while doing its robot thing.

Ages: 5+

Price: $99.00

Purchase link:


9. Roboblock

Roboblock has various robot kits. Their basic kits allow kids to get engaged in rudimentary robotics, with some even more advanced kits to support kids’ growth in interest and skill. These kits are to be assembled as various shapes with blocks and several servomotors, structures and parts connected to the main module. Users can make variously shaped robots according to their taste with various sensor modules which can recognize the circumstances. Robot can be controlled by the software of Code Vision C, RFID-Card Type Command, GUI. Even beginner can easily program since the control commands are able to be controlled by C-language and Icon system, RFID Card.

Price: depends on version

Purchase link:


10. PLEO rb

With a dinosaur appearance, PLEO rb is a next-generation robotic pet that teaches kids about biology and life cycles. It is designed to mimic life, which means PLEO rb thinks and acts independently, just like a real animal excepting its obvious robotic insides. PLEO rb has organic body language, exhibits emotions, is aware of his/her surroundings and has recognizable behaviors. It’s an intelligent “toy” that responds to kids’ level of engagement – depending on how kids choose to interact with them, PLEO rb can turn out useless and without skills or into a self-sufficient dinosaur who’s learned to respond to things in its environment.


Price: $469

Purchase link:


It’s clear that progress in robotics has changed the way of entertainment the kids enjoy, and makes it easier for kids to learn about programming and robotics. Even adults would love to own one of these interesting toys.

Quantitative methodology data collection and the role of Information Technology (IT) in national emergency responses


The purpose of this article is to identify three quantitative data collection approaches as well as to provide a summary of the findings, and determine an appropriate quantitative data collection approach for a study on the role of Information Technology (IT) during national emergency responses. It is equally important to ensure that these findings include justification about sampling, bias, validity, and reliability. The article will reveal in what ways researchers considered sampling, bias, validity, and reliability for the study.

The article summarizes three quantitative data collection techniques and how these have influenced in the quantitative study of integrating Information Technology (IT) to national emergency response tools like the Emergency Management Information System (EMIS). The article will address how experience and training of emergency responders can affect operations of EMIS, and how a study influences national emergency responses during emergencies like those during the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Quantitative methodology

Conducting research studies require that researchers examine the best research approach for each individual study.  No single research approach will fit every study, and this is why researchers must plan their research strategy employing analytical and numerical approaches when considering a quantitative methodology as the best course of action for their research.  Before getting ready for a research, scholars face the dilemma about what research methodology approach to use.  A good number of them choose to adopt a qualitative approach while others may like a quantitative methodology more.  The reality is that there is no right or wrong methodology.  Each approach contains unique characteristics that can be useful depending on the purpose of the research (Holton & Burnett, 2005).  Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies present distinct views of the social world, the role of science in knowing and understanding this world, and data collection methods.  When choosing a quantitative methodology, according to Cohen and Manion (1980), researchers employ empirical methods and empirical statements by demonstration that those methods and statements are a descriptive representation of what the “real world” is rather than what is “ought” to be.  Typically, researchers communicate empirical statements in numerical terms, which become part of empirical evaluations.  These empirical evaluations translate into ideas that try to determine the extent of what degree a specific process or methodology can empirically fulfill or not fulfill certain standards or norms.

Quantitative research commonly uses experimental, quasi-experimental, correlational, or descriptive instruments (Holton & Burnett, 2005).  As stated earlier the article communicates three of the different quantitative data collection approaches, but before addressing these, it is essential to define what quantitative methodology is as the scholars see it.  Researchers choose a quantitative approach instead of its counterpart, the qualitative research methodology, to illustrate a measurable causal effect from numerical changes that emerge from the characteristics of a studied population (Kraska, 2010).  Any measurable form of data resulting from the study can also help explain predictability, as well as describing causal relationships (2010).  Convincing those that believe that a quantitative paradigm distorts the phenomena studied, must be confronted with the idea that the quantitative paradigm is more appropriate when establishing cause and effect relationships, and when professional values are not compromised by intrusive, and controlled techniques (Siegel, 1984).  The next section presents the data collection methodologies.

Data Collection

Data collection methods used in quantitative research studies generates objective, observable, reliable, numerical facts about particular, operationally defined components of social reality (Allen-Meares & Lane, 1990).  It is important to take assumptions in consideration before discussing any data collection methods.  The first assumption is that the quantitative concept hypothesizes the social world as causal expressions of the reality that influences and predicts social actions (Cohen & Manion, 1980).  Another assumption is that the quantitative methodology is a paradigm that uses processes designed to verify and confirm relationships described by theory in part by experimental or correlational research strategies that are verifiable, and logically deductive (Reichardt & Rallis, 1994).  The first of the three data collection methods discussed on this article is structured observation.

Structured Observation

Structured observation works with a predetermined plan of what exactly to look for during the observation sessions, whereas naturalistic observation looks anything of importance without any prearranged strategy (Wragg, 1999).  Structured observations measure the frequency, duration, or magnitude of certain behaviors exhibited by the observed object or objects.  Moreover, structured observations often involve using rubrics or checklists in order to allow for standardized data collection.  Quantitative approaches tend to be highly structured with very detailed pre-developed observation schedules.  If this approach is chosen, decisions have to be made by the researcher as to whether already existing observational schedules will be used, or an observation schedule will be specifically developed for one particular study.  Compilation of data by ways of observations can consider scenarios that include facts, real life events, or behaviors (verbal or non-verbal). Structured observations focus on social phenomena employed to test research hypotheses employing a coding system to register the participants’ conduct (Sukamolson, 2007).  The coding system classifies behavior, and coded as observed in terms of how frequent such behavior appears.  As stated earlier, one difference of structured observation from other observations is that the focus of the observations has been determined beforehand (2007). Structured observation satisfies the ideologies and expectations of quantitative research because the focus of the observation shifts into manageable and more adaptable forms of data that translate into variables, hence in the form of quantitative data.


Although interviews are often associated with qualitative research, interviews can play a big part of the quantitative research as well (Sukamolson, 2007).  In quantitative research studies, the interviews are very structured, with the interviewee able to choose a response only from a pre-set series of questions on the interview form.  Often the reply can be a simple yes or no, or it may just be a number.  Otherwise, the interviewee may have to choose one item from a list.  After completing the interview, the answers are coded and entered into a computer database for statistical analysis.

Researchers conduct interviews in different ways.  Three types of interview exist in the literature of research methodology (Morgan & Harmon, 2001).  The purpose of the study that researchers like to achieve establishes the choice of interview.  The first, face-to-face interview, researchers attempt to discover peculiarities about the observed objects and as a result, come up with effective answers in a short time because of the personal interaction that this type of setting provides (2001).  The next interview type is the structured interview, which takes the form of a questionnaire.  In this method respondents are asked the same questions and in the same sequence with the purpose to minimize any bias (Morgan & Harmon, 2001).  The next type is the semi-structured interview.  In this technique, the interviewer has a list of general subjects, but some questions can be omitted depending upon the circumstances.  The third technique is the unstructured interview referred to as informal.  This type of interview is an effective way of collecting in-depth data.  There is no predetermined list of questions, so the respondent can talk freely as long as the content and topic are related (Morgan & Harmon, 2001).


Surveys employ data collection instruments to collect data from a sample of a relevant population, or from an entire population (Patton, 2002).  Surveys are used considerably in experiments because of their flexibility to collect data on almost any issue (2002).  Surveys are inexpensive and precise methods of collecting data, but at times difficult to produce, and may return a low response percentage, affecting in a negative way the reliability and validity of the collected data (2002).

Information Systems in Emergency Management

Information technologies form an essential part of emergency preparedness and planning. Emergency preparedness outlines a community’s steps to respond efficiently to external or internal threats, and the reduction of the effect of these threats to the wellbeing and security of the community (Perry & Lindell, 2003).  National crises and disasters can turn into serious events that demand the best decision-making efforts from leaders in both government and the private sector (Mendonca, 2007).  Decision Support Systems strengthen operational, tactical, and strategic decisions in organizations (French and Turoff, 2007).  These systems assist in the decision-making process during incident management. Emergency response communication and information requirements vary in scope and proportion, and information and communication technologies help making these requirements a reality (Turoff, 2002).  To provide adequate decisional support to manage crises, researchers and practitioners in information system and disaster management have urged attention to the development or enhancement of Emergency Management Information Systems (EMIS) (Carver & Turoff, 2007).

Emergency Management Information Systems Research Study

During their study, Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, and Bailey (2012) conducted two experiments and found how Emergency Management Information Systems (EMIS) helped those responsible of making hard decisions with information that is gathered and shared at every level of the incident response team.  As a decision-support system, the EMIS provide members of the emergency management team the ability to collect partial but sometimes-important data during highly stressful circumstances and a high volume of information to be processed (2007).  Originally, EMIS were designed to provide geospatial data only as two-dimensional (2D) displays that show orientations and relative positions by laying objects in a plane and by using colors or contour lines to represent elevations (Kwan & Lee, 2005).  While performance factors for these types of tools improve, the interest changed to three-dimensional (3D) visualization, especially after the events of September 11.  With the extra dimension, 3D displays incorporated orientations, relevant positions, elevations, and shapes of objects, all in a single view.  Even if 2D or 3D EMIS are utilized during, emergency events there still always the possibility that making a decision on time might cause hesitation, harm, or injuries.  The study showed that before recommending any kind of flexible solution for EMIS, it is crucial to consider if EMIS users and decision makers with less experience with these systems, can learn and operate the system without assistance, while performing the decision making job in a dependable fashion and demonstrate the capacity to make the hard decisions without delays (2007).  Like any technical tool or IT application, these systems become impractical without any type of human interaction.  For the study, a laboratory-based experimental method was selected to test two hypotheses:

H10.  Without guidance, novice EMIS users will fail to choose task-appropriate display formats at a rate greater than what would be expected by chance.

H2A.  Decision makers given prospective decisional guidance about display format selection will have better decisional performance than those who do not get such guidance.

The use of a controlled environment allowed for the implementation of various tests, as well as the addition of one decisional guidance, while allowing continuous scrutiny of participants’ answers (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).  The researchers followed Silver’s three-step approach, which analyzed the effect of decisional guidance with two independent but closely related experiments (Silver, 1991).

Experiment one gave researchers the opportunity to investigate the extent to which inexperienced EMIS users, without supervision, instinctively selected display designs matched better their role as incident decision maker.  The results for experiment one demonstrated that when the task required only horizontal information about the target object, 84% of all participants specified correctly that the plan view was the best visual representation for the task (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).  On the other hand, only 34% and 49% of participants correctly selected displays for tasks that showed elevation views or 3D displays, correspondingly.  Researchers replicated and validated the results with actual first responders from local fire and police departments.  H10 examined whether inexperienced EMIS users demonstrated any proof of switching their display selections to fit a predictable and more comfortable working environment by selecting the displays that met their individual likes and not necessarily the standard (2012).  To determine any statistical trends if participants made the correct displays choices, researchers compared real percentage of correct choices to the percentage that would be expected to happen only as a possibility (2012).

For the second experiment, Shen et al. established two groups, an experimental group with participants who used a decisional guidance example with basic information about display choices.  The second was the control group with participants who received a guidance example that included only general information about the job of an incident commander but no additional information about display choices (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).  Participants were given questionnaires to document demographic data, graphical preference, and 3D mental rotation ability.  To ensure the successful installment of treatment, researchers conducted manipulation checks after the treatment or control scripts.  Participants were asked to answer ten manipulation check true or false questions.  Only those participants who properly answered all ten manipulation-check questions were included in the statistical analyses.  The next step was to project the horizontal plan view, and 3D view onto a screen on the wall.  Participants then completed the task to choose what display format was more appropriate for improving their decision-making time and effectiveness.  In summary, providing effective decisional guidance to inexperienced EMIS emergency response operators can improve the fluidity and promptness of their decisions. Participants who passed the manipulation check were included for the experiment. Therefore, these results underlined that participants could understand, and appropriately apply, the correct doctrines for selecting a display format for each particular decision tasks. Provided that one purpose of EMIS is to assist users to make efficient and effective decisions in crisis situations, results like these demonstrate the positive value of giving incident commanders an EMIS that uses both 2D and 3D imaging processes but more important to provide them directions on when and how to use each system (2012).


Choosing the appropriate type and size of sample from a population plays a significant role in the planning of research (Passmore, & Parker, 2005).  Sampling methodologies known to researchers include convenience sampling, purposive sampling, simple random sampling, cluster sampling, stratified sampling, and 100% census of all members of a population (2005).  For the first experiment, Shen et al. selected 48 students from a basic psychology class at a southern state university.  An additional 13 participants were recruited from local fire and police departments.  The last group of participants was composed of four women and nine men, with ages ranging from 22 to 68-years-old, and an average job experience in emergency response of 16 years.  Selection of participants from two different groups makes the sampling a stratified type due to the heterogeneous population (2005).  For their study, Shen et al. used a random selection of display formats resulting on an average accuracy rate for task-display matches of 40% (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).

For the second experiment, sixty-one participants were recruited from a basic psychology class at a southern state university (2012).  They were randomly assigned to the experimental or control groups.  As discussed earlier, manipulation checks were conducted to verify the correct distribution of treatment conditions.  Statistical analyses were conducted only on participants who had correctly answered all manipulation check questions (2012).

Study Bias

Flexibility in adapting a specific type of display for EMIS assumes that inexperienced users are able to instinctively make task-display compatibility decisions as it was described earlier (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).  Nevertheless, it appears that empirical studies demonstrated the decisions by users degraded.  Users who displayed knowledge bias or displayed disinterest may stress about a specific type of display that they are comfortable with or have used more (Baddoo & Hall, 2003).  Another bias identified by the researchers that influenced the choice of displays is called naïve realism, or predisposition of users to like more those displays with photorealistic definitions only because of their own understanding that displays that look more realistic must be more accurate (Smallman & John, 2005).


Shen et al. used a one-sample t-test against .40 suggesting that participants successfully beat the odds (Shen, Carswell, Santhanam, & Bailey, 2012).  The same test was performed for one task that using only vertical information and one that using a combination of vertical and horizontal information (2012).  The total accuracy of the participants for all tasks was 56%.  There was indication that participants leaned toward choosing the correct display for two out of the three tasks therefore, rejecting the null hypothesis.

The two-sample t-tests did not prove variances in performance of either gender or expertise (2012).  The differences between actual first responders and participants without experience may imply that the most fitting selection of displays is a talent or skill that does not develop from experience (2012).  Although first responders performed well on tasks that used horizontal information of 90% and vertical information of 40%, college students were outperformed on both tasks 82% and 33% respectively.  First responders’ degree of accuracy on tasks that used 3D view was 40%, lower to the group of students, which was 52% (2012).

Creating Independence Day Gallery with music and videos for sharing

Do you want to make an Independence Day gallery with music and videos to memorize the nation’s heritage, laws, history, society, and people?

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Independence Day Movies and Music

Independence Day is right around the corner. The Fourth of July summer celebration means car shows, picnics, boating, fireworks, and remembering what Independence Day is all about.

To make the July 4th party complete, why not use Photo Flash Maker Platinum to make a Independence Day slideshow with some favorite patriotic movies and songs before the fireworks and evening festivities.

We suggest some top patriotic movies for Independence Day:

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)
The Music Man (1962)
The Great Escape (1963)
1776 (1972)
Johnny Tremain (1975)
The Patriot (2000)
Independence Day (1996)
National Treasure (2004)
National Treasure 2 (2007)
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
Flags of Our Fathers (2006)

The Independence Day songs below tell us about our freedom fighters and their sacrifice for country’s freedom. These patriotic songs are true and really inspire and instill loyalty in our heart.

Self-defense with Mini Professional Edged Steel Edged Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are perhaps the well-known weapon from the historical ninja’s fighting arsenal. However, using these stars for self-defense is not so easy. Once practiced under the guidance of a trained and experienced user, these sharp-edged throwing stars can prove to be a very effective weapon of self-defense. If you are willing to get some of these for your personal use, here are some tips to avoid common newbie mistakes and learn how NOT to use a throwing star and hurting yourself –

Gripping the throwing star in the palm of your hand is a strict NO
These edgy throwing stars could have a minimum of 3 points to as many as 10 points depending on the model you have selected or purchased. Generally, these are sold as a set with blunt blades and you are meant to sharpen them so that it can stick to its target. Once you have sharpened the spikes of the stars, do not hold them in the palm of your hand too tightly, as the sharp edges could bruise and cut your palm. These stars are meant to be held between two fingers — usually the index and middle fingers — and then thrown in the air at a target.

First, learn to use it appropriately
Don’t get fascinated with movies and videos where you see how a throwing star is used or thrown at someone. Learning the basics soon after you take them out of the box is the safest practice. In order to use a throwing star safely as a self-defense during an attack, you need to practice the basic moves first. You need to learn how to grip, twist, apply force or move your wrist correctly to angle the throw towards the target. Always keep in mind that these stars are to be used as annoyance weapons and can only stop an assailant for a short time. Failing to use them correctly will not help you to take advantage of their benefits.

Be patient with practicing the throwing star
Learning to use throwing stars as a weapon for self-defense is not something to master in a day. It is a slow process and all it requires is to practice faithfully. Do not try to use them against an innocent person or animal as target practice. You will be responsible for the damages, as you will be breaking the law. Try practicing on aiming boards or wooden planks and see how good you become in aiming to the target.

Technology in and for the Instrumental Music Classroom

Music education, in some form, goes back as far as education itself. While sometimes struggling for legitimacy, it nonetheless has had its champions. More recently, as technology has flourished within education, technological applications designed specifically for the teaching of music have been developed. While much of this technology is designed primarily for the classroom there are programs designed for the student to utilize in the home, albeit limited to those students with a home computer and internet access.

The teaching of music in the American educational setting dates back 1838 when Lowell Mason introduced singing classes to Boston grammar schools. Instrumental music appeared in fits and starts over the next fifty years but was never included during the school day; rather, it was relegated to the ranks of extracurricular activities. Around the turn of the century, instrumental music began to see some acceptance into the classroom, though often was taught by those untrained in the area of music education. Moreover, little if any standardization of the instrumentation or music literature existed. (Rhodes, 2007)

Near the conclusion of World War I the quality of school music began to increase. This was due primarily to veterans who, after having been musically trained in the various service branches, began to fill music teaching positions in the schools. Band, however, was still regarded as an extracurricular activity. (Ibid)

Watch: The Modern Classroom: Students, Teachers and Data-Driven Education

In 1907, the Music Supervisors National Conference or MSNC, (now known as the Music Educators National Conference or MENC) was organized to support school music. In 1912 a proposal was made to include, as accredited subjects, a number of music activities including choruses and general music. Band was included – but at a much lower priority. Later, however, at the Cleveland MSNC conference in 1923, Edgar B. Gordon stated,

The high school band is no longer an incidental school enterprise prompted largely by the volunteer services of a high school teacher who happens to have had some band experience, but rather an undertaking which is assigned to a definite place in the school schedule with a daily class period under a trained instructor and with credit allowed for satisfactory work done. (Ibid)

In the same year, and likely due to the increase in both acceptance and importance, Carl Greenleaf (then head of C. G. Conn Ltd.) helped organize the first National Band Contest in Chicago. Later, in 1928, he directed the Conn company to contribute to the founding of the National Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan and later supported publications designed to support band directors. While these endeavors may have appeared somewhat self-serving in light of his position with Conn, they nonetheless helped establish school band as a significant part of school curriculum. (Banks, 1997)

Despite a gradual, while still limited, acceptance of instrumental music within the school curriculum, budget cuts have often curtailed or even eliminated these programs. Further, with the recent increased emphasis upon “teaching to the test” due to the pressures of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and similar state requirements, support for the inclusion of music in schools has begun to wane. Michelle R. Davis, in “Education Week,” stated “The federal No Child Left Behind Act is prompting many schools to cut back on subjects such as social studies, music, and art to make more time for reading and mathematics…” (Davis, 2006) This is most unfortunate considering that the study of music, especially instrumental music, has proved to be beneficial for all students – even increasing their ability to reason and problem-solve.

Many theorists have contributed to the elevation of music as central to education, or at the very least, demonstrated that limiting the school environment to the “Three R’s” is short-sighted. Howard Gardner postulated his “Multiple Intelligences” theory with the understanding that children do not possess identical propensities for learning. Not only do they have differing capacities for learning but have differing capacities for learning in many areas. These areas, as he explained, are the varying intelligences of which he speaks. Originally describing seven intelligences (of which music is highlighted) he identified two specifically (linguistic and logical-mathematical) as “the ones that have typically been valued in school.” (Gardner, 1999, p41) Obviously, Gardner recognized that the educational system was not reaching all students – only those that could “do school” well. Gardner did not limit his study, of course, to the mere existence of multiple intelligences but demonstrated that a given person can be strong in more than one, enabling those intelligences to interact one with the other. He explained that, “there are other ways in which different intelligences can affect each other…one intelligence can mediate and constrain the others; one intelligence can compensate for another; and one intelligence can catalyze another.” (Gardner 2, 2006, p219) He further extolled the advantages of a musical intelligence by explaining that “…a strong musical intelligence may lead a person engaged in a linguistic task to be more sensitive to the rhythmic properties of language as well as its meaning.” (Ibid, p223)

While many may assume that music and the study thereof is associated primarily to that which is heard, it is also related quite closely to mathematics. Dahlhaus, reflecting Rameau stated that “music had its origins in the Pythagorean proportions; (i.e., music is a mathematics).” (Gargarian, 1996, p137, 138) Regardless of whether or not one agrees with the theory that music is mathematical in toto, there should be little dispute as to the relativity of music notation to mathematics. Indeed, introducing the coordinate, or Cartesian, plane appears to aid the new music student in understanding the horizontal (x), and vertical (y) axes of music notation. Simply stated, the horizontal (x) axis on the music staff relates to duration while the vertical (y) axis relates to pitch. This, of course is a reflection upon Gardner’s aforementioned theory of intelligence interaction.

There is further evidence that instrumental music study is advantageous for the student. In 1995, Gottfried Schlaug, et al, published a study, “Increased Corpus Callosum Size in Musicians” wherein they described an increase in neural fibers across the Corpus Callosum (CC), contributing to its enlargement. They further were able to determine that this increase in fibers/CC size was attributable to instrumental music study. (Schlaug, et al, 1995) Obviously, the supposition can easily be made that, if there is greater cross-talk between the two hemispheres of the brain (specifically, the left – thought to be the analytical, and the right – thought to be the creative) the result would be a person with a greater, more creative, problem-solving ability.

Reflecting upon Gardner’s theories, as well as those of Schlaug, et al, it should surprise no one that others have confirmed links between music and other skills. Bahr and Christiansen in their article “Inter-Domain Transfer Between Mathematical Skill and Musicianship” published findings demonstrating that students who had studied music demonstrated superior performance on mathematical tasks provided there was some structural overlap with music. (Bahr, Christiansen, 2000) This “structural overlap” could be nearly anything, including the relationship of dividing measures or notes into fractions, relating pitch to frequency, or, as aforementioned, establishing the link between the coordinate (Cartesian) plane and the music staff.

With this enhanced problem-solving ability; this increased awareness of mathematical concepts, it would not be a grand leap to assume that music students might perform well with classroom technology. Indeed, music students should be expected to do at least as well as other students with regard to technology. If that is true, then the next step would be to assume that they would do especially well with technology geared especially to them.

Somewhat recently, technologists, recognizing a dearth of technologically-based music applications began to develop computer programs for music education. Music theory websites began to appear, many having been produced by, and linked to, symphonic organizations. Others have been produced by teachers and graduate students either as part of coursework or perhaps for their own use (and anyone wishing to utilize the application). A quick search of the internet reveals that there are quite a number of available technological tools produced and published for the music student. There are interactive music games, in-class keyboard music theory applications, countless online pitch and rhythm websites, and, perhaps most powerful, applications known as “computer assisted instruction” (CAI)” specifically for the music classroom and student. In January 2005, Steven Estrella published the findings of a study demonstrating how music teachers in the U.S. used music technology. Among his findings, he discovered that approximately twenty percent of the survey participants used some form of CAI as part of their instruction. The survey further discovered that the predominant software application was “SmartMusic.” (Estrella, 2005)

SmartMusic is a teacher/student interactive application allowing students to practice, at home, with a synthesized band or orchestral accompaniment. The program can also, with an included microphone, record the student’s efforts and grade them using rhythm and pitch data. The student can immediately see their results and can retry if they wish. The recording and the accompanying grade are then emailed to the student’s teacher/director and automatically entered into the teacher’s database grade book. The program includes accompaniments for around thirty-thousand compositions including band and orchestra method book pieces. (Nagel, 2007) While early reviews of the program were mixed, the company that produces SmartMusic, “MakeMusic,” was apparently responsive to teacher/consumer complaints and suggestions. The program requires that the home version be installed on the students own computer and, in earlier versions, installation, setup, and microphone placement were problematic. In the latest version, SmartMusic 11, many of these issues were addressed either by simplifying the process or with enhanced user guides. (Whaley, 2008)

For the classroom, SmartMusic holds a wealth of applications. The most basic functions of the program include a displayed tuner and metronome. (A music classroom with an interactive whiteboard can make excellent use of SmartMusic’s utilities.) The teacher can then play a pre-recorded version of a piece to be studied and, while the students are playing along, can instantly record them independent of the pre-recording for later playback. The program also includes fingering charts for all instruments so a quick check for the students perhaps needing additional instruction is easily accomplished. Keys and tempi can be changed easily, if necessary, and if a single performer wishes to play with a pre-recorded accompaniment, that accompaniment, “listening” to the performer via a microphone, can follow the performer’s changes in tempo – not unlike what the conductor of a symphony orchestra would do in a live performance.

As important and powerful as SmartMusic is in the classroom, its most powerful application – and the primary purpose for which it was intended – is that of a home practice and assessment tool. There are literally thousands of accompaniments and scales included in the software as well as thousands of music titles. Once the students have subscribed, downloaded (or installed from a CD), and set up the home version of the program, the teacher can design playing assignments which the student then accesses at home on their own computer.

Playing through a microphone to the program’s accompaniment gives an instant visual and aural response; while the recording of the student’s performance is played, their correct notes are displayed in green while mistakes are displayed in red. The student can decide upon and set their own tempo, then practice with the computer-generated accompaniment as many times as they wish prior to recording for a grade. In short, the student is in control while at home. Students having access to broadband internet and a reasonably up-to-date computer can fully realize the potential of the program – as well as their own. (Rudolph, 2006)

But what of those students not fortunate enough to have a computer at home – let alone internet access?

Obviously, the power of SmartMusic would be largely lost on those students without a home computer or internet access. The cost of the home version is small, and some districts have even provided the subscription free of charge for their students. (Nagel, 2007) However, can districts provide a workable computer and internet access or all of its students?

David Thomas stated that schools have made great progress in the introduction of computer and internet access. However, that access, for disadvantaged students, remains at school. (Thomas, 2003) Thomas further quoted then U. S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige:

We need to address the limited access to technology that many students have outside of school. There is much more we can do. Closing the digital divide will also help close the achievement gap that exists within our schools. (Thomas, 2003)

A 2007 study in New York revealed that between seventy and eighty percent of students have computers at home. (Traber, 2007) One might suggest that the real numbers cross-country are actually much lower.

There are many music students dependant upon school-provided instruments, method books, and even instrument supplies such as reeds and valve oil (usually provided out the teacher’s own pocket). These students are already behind their more affluent counterparts and cannot afford private lessons, let alone a workable computer and internet access. These are the students who could benefit most from a program such SmartMusic. However, as useful and powerful as SmartMusic is, it cannot by itself bridge this “digital divide” that still exists.

Educational technology holds great promise for the student musician but until a method for equitable access is discovered, disproportionate achievement will persist.

Reflecting on the Potential of Nuclear Power

There are over 400 nuclear power reactors that are up and running on the planet, and believe it or not, the number is growing. The whole process of converting uranium into nuclear power is complex, but it all starts off with a mining operation to extract uranium ore. Believe it or not, uranium is not hard to find, it is actually a pretty common element, more common than gold.

Many people don’t realize that our own body houses trace amounts of uranium! Canada’s actually taken advantage of this relatively abundant resource and is so far the number one uranium producer in the world.

Reasons to Avoid Nuclear Power

* Nuclear power is quite costly to manufacture, specifically considering start-up costs. Nuclear reactors are expensive to build. With that in mind, it’s not necessarily an option for all countries. Many 2nd and 3rd world countries do not have the economic or material resources to produce nuclear power.

* Another big problem is nuclear waste, which is left over from the conversion process, typically from using fuel. If nuclear waste isn’t safely disposed of, there can be a drastic number of health and environmental issues that arise as a result. This is perhaps the most important detractor from the popularity of nuclear power.

* The third serious issue baring the widespread adoption of nuclear power, is the potential of a nuclear power plant to melt down. One could argue it is dangerous to run nuclear power plants, simply because they could be tampered with.

If, for example, a terrorist organization was so inclined to sabotage nuclear power plants, portions of that country could become uninhabitable for hundreds of years. Nuclear meltdowns can also occur by accident, putting civilians in jeopardy on a constant basis.

Reasons to Use Nuclear Power

* One of the main benefits of using nuclear power in today’s economy, is that it decreases the need for foreign oil. By utilizing nuclear power plants to produce a portion of our electricity, we can make headway in our efforts to switch to alternative fuel sources before the oil supply dries up in a decade or so.

* Although nuclear power plants are costly to build, they are inexpensive to maintain. This cost efficiency is good news to taxpayers who, with the economic collapse of 2008, wish to reduce their taxes and their spending as much as possible in order to just pay the bills, never mind saving up for retirement.

* Nuclear power production is not limited by location. Unlike coal and oil, the conditions don’t have to be ‘just right’ to gather natural resources and produce power. Uranium can be mined from all over the world and shipped to any local nuclear power plant. The terrain and weather conditions just don’t play a factor.

* Carbon emissions are drastically reduced because carbon waste is not a by-product of a nuclear reaction. Compared to coal, nuclear power is a cheap, sustainable, efficient, and clean power source; as long as we can find an efficient way to dispose of barrels of nuclear waste.

The Future of Nuclear Power

The future for nuclear power appears to be a quiet but strong one. Although there are some areas of the world strongly adverse to nuclear power, the United States continues to expand development. In general, quick growth isn’t a possibility, as building costs and time-frames are enormous.

Countries like China, India, and Japan are all developing nuclear power, but until it becomes cheaper to construct the reactors, nuclear power won’t become as mainstream as its potential would suggest.

What is health information technology?

When deciding on a career, it would be a good idea to choose a major with a strong potential to payback your student fees. Becoming a doctor might sound desirable, but the time and money it takes to go through medical school may not be an option for most people. More students than ever before choose a degree that requires less schooling and still provides a decent payback. One career option that will fit these criteria is health information technology. Programs in Utah involving HIT are becoming much more desirable for students.


If you are interested in taking courses such as health care statistics and computer systems, then this program could be what you are looking for. Health information technology programs in Utah also involve improving health care efficiency. This includes learning the technology that will decrease paperwork, new ways to provide a productive work place, and skills to improve your communication skills.

Watch: ‘Ticketmaster is a technology company’.

Another factor to consider when choosing a career is the satisfaction it will bring. In healthcare, you are involved with helping others. Patients are in your everyday life and sometimes can be a challenge to manage. With health information technology programs in Utah, students are taught how to deal with patients’ needs.

The thought of getting your degree online is common these days. Having the option to obtain an associate degree online has proven to be a blessing for most students. More often than not, you will see middle-aged mothers applying for this program. This makes sense considering they have small children at home and might find it hard to leave the house. The flexibility involved with online programs are what these students are drawn to.

The demand for health information technology professionals is growing as medical records are being transferred to online programs. Most markets are going paperless with their patient’s files. There is a high demand for people who know, create and operate these programs. This is a reassuring thought to consider when choosing a degree that will be prosperous.

The importance of your school having the right mascot is slowly decreasing. Majority of people choose schools based on the programs that are offered. Utah colleges have many programs that are offered online and are affordable. If you are interested in health care and the organization that goes behind it, then obtaining a degree in health information technology would be a good choice for you.